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  • adj. Listening, paying attention.
  • n. A hearer; especially, a catechumen in the early Church.

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  • adj. Listening; paying attention.
  • n. A hearer; especially a catechumen in the early church.

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  • Hearing; listening. Mrs. Browning.
  • n. A hearer.
  • n. In the early church: One not yet baptized, but receiving instruction preparatory to baptism; a catechumen of the first stage.
  • n. In the Eastern Church, according to the systematic classification of penitents in force at the close of the third century, but becoming obsolete early in the fifth, one of the second class of public penitents, occupying a station higher than that of the weepers and lower than that of the prostrates.


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From Latin audiēns.


  • For your audient might get it in an instant picture, hit with the idea of written, or feel it through the music of winding narrative.

    What’s a medium? « BuzzMachine

  • In The Place to Be, Mudd tells of how the bureau worked: the rivalries, the egos, the pride, the competition, the ambitions, and the gathering frustrations of conveying the world to a national television audient in thirty minutes minus commercials.

    TV To Go: Top 10 Books About Television

  • I have written a lot of original work, and it all basically drops into the audient void; I might as well just spend the time jumping in front of cars for all the attention it gets.

    Good Fanfic?

  • Next, to their aural orifices, and the avenues audient of the brain, was borne a very melancholy sound as of harmoniums, hymns, organ-pianos, psalteries, and the like, all playing different airs, in a kind most hateful to the Muses.

    Letters to Dead Authors

  • My favorite overheard one-liner from one audient was: "Oh, I hear the Polo is orrrf in Jerusalem this year".


  • In the higher registrations he becomes cosmo-voyant and cosmo-audient, he can see and hear through space and through ethers as the common eye looks through air.

    Freedom Talks No. II

  • Every morning, whatsoever thing has been changed, and whatsoever thing has been unchanged, during the night, comes up to batter its report on the omni-audient tympanum of the universe, the drum-head of the press.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 83, September, 1864

  • Taking as a model the expression 'transparent' for the perviousness of a substance to light, we may say that the air, when in a state of acoustic vibration, becomes 'trans-audient' for astral impulses, and that the nature of these vibrations determines which particular impulses are let through.

    Man or Matter

  • He had heard and felt a Presence, that was all; and after listening to my experience, he owned he was truly thankful he was only clair-audient.

    Animal Ghosts Or, Animal Hauntings and the Hereafter

  • Quomodo enim credent in eum, de quo non audierint? quomodo autem audient absque praedicante? quomodo praedicabunt, nisi fuerint missi?

    The Creeds of the Evangelical Protestant Churches.


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