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  • n. A highly seasoned stew made of several kinds of fish and shellfish.
  • n. A combination of various different, often incongruous elements: a bouillabaisse of special interests.

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  • n. A bouillabaisse, a type of French fish soup.

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  • n. In cookery, a kind of fish-chowder popular in some parts of France, especially at Marseilles.

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  • n. highly seasoned Mediterranean soup or stew made of several kinds of fish and shellfish with tomatoes and onions or leeks and seasoned with saffron and garlic and herbs


French, from Provençal bouiabaisso : boui, imperative of bouie, to boil (from Latin bullīre, from bulla, bubble) + abaisso, imperative of abeissa, to lower (from Vulgar Latin *abbassiāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Medieval Latin bassus, low).
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  • I wonder, as you do, why the family was so elated that he had made this amazing dish (which sounds like French bouillabaisse from the very brief description)?

    A Meal in Venice, 1978 | clusterflock

  • What the fishermen did was to take these small fish and turn them into a soup that is most famously known as bouillabaisse, which has become such a classic that there are restaurants specializing in it.

    At My Table

  • The Divers went to Nice and dined on a bouillabaisse, which is a stew of rock fish and small lobsters, highly seasoned with saffron, and a bottle of cold Chablis.

    Tender is the Night

  • Cornerstone got extra points for choosing the least pretentious moniker (it doesn't need to be called bouillabaisse to be delicious). - News

  • He thought it was a kind of bouillabaisse of conspiracy theories.

    The Magazine: VF Daily

  • The leaves also flavor classic French dishes such as bouillabaisse and bouillon.

    Spices and Herbs -Bandra Bazar Road « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

  • It's a kind of bouillabaisse of pretty standard Ivy league reflexes and prejudices, cobbled together without any real examination.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • I actually think this is what many US and Japanese restaurants serve as 'bouillabaisse', which is another favorite soupy stew or stewy soup of mine.

    What fueled me through the Half

  • Before he could say "bouillabaisse" she would have him wrapped around her little finger.

    Temporary Wife

  • I never expect Americans to get French words right (try "bouillabaisse", for another great one).

    Staring At Empty Pages


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