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  • n. Any of various surveying instruments for measuring angles of elevation, slope, or incline, as of an embankment. Also called inclinometer.

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  • n. An apparatus for measuring a vertical angle, a slope, or the height of a large object (e.g. a tree).

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. An instrument for determining the dip of beds or strata, pr the slope of an embankment or cutting; a kind of plumb level.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An instrument used to determine the dip of rock-strata.
  • n. A carpenters' tool for comparing slopes and levels.
  • n. Also klinometer.
  • n. In ophthalmology, same as clinoscope.
  • n. An instrument used to determine the heel or pitch of a vessel. When placed athwart-ships it shows the former; when placed fore-and-aft, the latter.

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  • n. an instrument used by surveyors in order to measure an angle of inclination or elevation


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  • As it was a foreign language to me try "clinometer", "collective pitch", "geometrical precession", I stopped them in their tracks and looked for another angle of approach.

    Honesty, Oprah, and the Formal Learning Industries

  • Callan over at NOVA GeoBlog also points out another wonderful reason to own an iPhone I do not sadly: you can add a clinometer application!

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • But I will confess that the iPhone clinometer is pretty cool!

    "How Cell Phones Can Help Paleontologists"

  • I guess if you're serious about the iPhone clinometer, you could invest in a solar charger - or use the cigarette lighter attachment in your car to charge the iPhone.

    "How Cell Phones Can Help Paleontologists"

  • The iPhone clinometer is neat, but John pointed out to me that all of the gadgets on your phone do no good when your battery runs out.

    "How Cell Phones Can Help Paleontologists"

  • Behind Procalowski the clinometer bob goes to and fro with his ship's rolling: a pendulum in a dream.

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • And, as machine-gun fire is almost entirely indirect fire, the guns must be laid by using map, compass, protractor and clinometer (quadrant), in exactly the same manner as artillery fire is directed.

    The Emma Gees

  • The position of the wheels is accurately marked by pegs and lines, and when the gun is laid the sight is lowered to some white object placed fifty yards in front of gun, on which when dark a lantern may be placed; the elevation is read off either on arc of sight or by clinometer placed on the gun.

    With the Naval Brigade in Natal (1899-1900) Journal of Active Service

  • To keep on firing at this distant object when dark, the gun is run out to same wheel marks every time and laid for same direction by the lantern on the near object, and elevation by clinometer.

    With the Naval Brigade in Natal (1899-1900) Journal of Active Service

  • Probably he has never heard of the clinometer by which geological surveyors arrive at such information.

    Blue Ridge Country


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  • JM is inclined to get a new clinometer but is acutely aware that he doesn't want to be too obtuse - that's right, isn't


    October 5, 2010