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  • n. The intensity of the magnetic field needed to reduce the magnetization of a ferromagnetic material to zero after it has reached saturation.

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  • n. The quality of being coercive
  • n. The intensity of the magnetic field which must be applied in order to reduce the magnetization of a ferromagnetic material to zero after the magnetization of the sample has been driven to saturation


coercive +‎ -ity (Wiktionary)


  • Just like the goldfish growing to fill the space not really! that second CCC is like a gas that is expanding to fill the space...the poor little cupcake molecules are losing their coercivity and dissolving into a sheet of entropy!

    Don't Toy With Me, Man

  • Quantitatively if you so wish i.e., what is the coercivity of the magnetic field required to change the state of an individual bit on the disc.

    The Silliest Thing Yet, or Sheer Genius? - The Panda's Thumb

  • "This process of metal particle micrification becomes challenging because of the risks of losing the high coercivity that is essential for high recording density," said Norio Shibata, President & CEO, Fujifilm Recording Media USA, Inc. Current News - Top Stories

  • "Fujifilm is the first media manufacturer to overcome this challenge of maintaining high coercivity with the development of its micrified BaFe particle, which delivers superior storage with lower noise and higher frequency characteristics than other metal particles." Current News - Top Stories

  • Due to the crystalline anisotropy, the ultra-fine barium-ferrite particles have high coercivity for superior performance high density recording. Current News - Top Stories

  • This advanced development offers to keep high coercivity (using micro fine particles), lower noise, higher frequency characteristics and superior storage performance than metal particles.

    WebWire | Recent Headlines

  • It is essential to keep high coercivity for high density recording.

    WebWire | Recent Headlines

  • The locks are opened using a standard high coercivity magnetic stripe card, with tracks one or three open for encoding.



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