from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • intransitive v. To contribute or lead to a specific result: "The quiet conduces to thinking about the darkening future” ( George F. Will).

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  • v. To contribute or lead to a specific result.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • intransitive v. To lead or tend, esp. with reference to a favorable or desirable result; to contribute; -- usually followed by to or toward.
  • transitive v. To conduct; to lead; to guide.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To lead; conduct.
  • To bring about.
  • To aid in or contribute toward bringing about a result; lead or tend: followed by an infinitive, or a noun preceded by to: as, temperance and exercise conduce to good, health.

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  • v. be conducive to


Latin condūcere : com-, com- + dūcere, to lead; see deuk- in Indo-European roots.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Latin condūcere, present active infinitive of condūcō ("lead together; contribute to something by being useful"), from con + dūcō ("lead"). (Wiktionary)


  • There is a line of discrimination, which a cultivated taste in matters of devout observance finds little difficulty in drawing, between such actions and conduct as conduce to the fullness of human life and such as conduce to the good fame of the anthropomorphic divinity; and the activity of the priestly class, in the ideal barbarian scheme, falls wholly on the hither side of this line.

    The theory of the leisure class; an economic study of institutions

  • All the surroundings and employments of the pregnant woman should be such as conduce to cheerfulness and equanimity.

    The Physical Life of Woman: Advice to the Maiden, Wife and Mother

  • En el sentido antropolgico, tal perspectiva implicara considerar las formas religiosas ms all de la idea tradicional de unidades de observacin y de anlisis aislables, autocontenidas, para ms bien considerarlas en una contextualizacin histrica, poltica, econmica y tecnolgica cambiante, lo cul conduce the un encuadre respecto the la forma en que este tipo de prcticas religiosas constituyen el objeto para pensar las diferencias culturales, la subjetividad, la intersubjetividad y la sociabilidad.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • Butcher or any one else whatever may conduce to her comfort and consolation, as it has long been my intention with the entire concurrence of my wife to remit a yearly or monthly allowance for the purpose abovementioned; and which I hope to explain at large immediately.

    Letter 105

  • I resolved, therefore, that if my immediate union with my cousin would conduce either to her's or my father's happiness, my adversary's designs against my life should not retard it a single hour.

    Chapter 5

  • My mind has been remarkably vacant, whither leisure and this charming rest from publicity will conduce to my good, I have not yet prove'd; but it is the most agreeable phisic I ever took in my life.

    Letter 278

  • Living in the thick of the horde did not conduce to monogamy.


  • "An atmosphere of levity does not conduce to the best operation of Planchette."

    Jack London's Short Story: Planchette

  • If it can be seen that the means adopted are really calculated to attain the end, the degree of their necessity, the extent to which they conduce to the end, the closeness of the relationship between the means adopted and the end to be attained, are matters for congressional determination alone.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Federal Government Has the Power to Civilly Commit Sexually Violent Predators After Federal Incarceration

  • I resolved, therefore, that if my immediate union with my cousin would conduce either to hers or my father's happiness, my adversary's designs against my life should not retard it a single hour.

    Chapter 22


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  • "He was sent to conduce hither the princess." -
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