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  • The king's son opened the ball with a mighty beautiful young crather; but the mirinit I laid my eyes upon her I knew her at once for a neighbour's daughter, one Anty Dooley, who had died a few months before, and who, when she was alive, could beat the whole county round at any sort of reel, jig, or hornpipe.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, December 11, 1841

  • This includes some variable spelling, e.g. crather -- crathur, plase -- plaze.

    Live to be Useful or, The Story of Annie Lee and her Irish Nurse

  • The Dutch and Germans have their beer-gardens, where they imbibe huge quantities of malt and honeydew tobacco; and the Irish their shebeen-shops, where Monongahela is quaffed in lieu of the "rale crather."

    Wild Life in the Rocky Mountains

  • "Th 'poor crather do have a headache," answered Maggie.

    Frank Merriwell's Son A Chip Off the Old Block

  • 'I have,' says I. 'I have a lot iv thim,' says I. 'Ye ar-re an oncultivated an' foul crather, 'he says.

    Mr. Dooley's Philosophy

  • Shot afther shot fell round th 'inthrepid ass; but he remained firm till th' dinnymite boat Vesoovyus fired three hundherd an 'forty thousand pounds iv gum cotton at him, an' the poor crather was smothered to death.

    Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War

  • An 'th' last I heerd about it, th 'tariff was far fr'm bein' th 'wan an' emacyated crather ye'd like to see comin 'out iv th' Sinit chamber.

    Mr. Dooley Says

  • A bear has th 'sthrongest throat iv anny crather in th' wurruld, barrin 'Bryan.

    Mr. Dooley Says

  • So th 'good woman, frivilous crather that she is, goes back to her wurruk singin' a light chune.

    Mr. Dooley Says

  • Sargent has torn th 'sordid heart out iv th' wretched crather an 'exposed it to th' wurruld.

    Observations By Mr. Dooley


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