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  • n. Informal Temper or anger: What got their dander up?
  • n. Scurf from the coat or feathers of various animals, often of an allergenic nature.

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  • n. Dandruff—scaly white dead skin flakes from the human scalp.
  • n. Hair follicles and dead skin shed from mammals.
  • n. Allergen particles that accumulate on and may be shed from the skin and fur of domestic animals, especially from household pets such as cats and dogs.
  • n. Passion, temper, anger. Usually preceded by "have" or "get" and followed by "up".
  • v. To wander about.
  • v. To maunder, to talk incoherently.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Dandruff or scurf on the head.
  • n. Anger or vexation; rage.
  • intransitive v. To wander about; to saunter; to talk incoherently.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To wander about aimlessly; saunter.
  • To talk incoherently; maunder; hence, to make a loud buzzing or reverberating sound.
  • n. Dandruff; scurf.
  • n. Anger; passion.
  • n. A cinder; specifically, in the plural, the refuse of a furnace.

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  • n. small scales from animal skins or hair or bird feathers that can cause allergic reactions in some people
  • n. a feeling of anger and animosity


Perhaps alteration of dunder, fermented cane juice used in rum-making, fermentation, possibly alteration of Spanish redundar, to overflow, from Latin redundāre; see redundant.
Alteration of dandruff.
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Alteration of dandruff (Wiktionary)
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Alteration of dandle or daddle (Wiktionary)


  • Cat dander is the only thing which makes me have terrible trouble breathing – my lungs, throat, I get itchy, sneezy, wheezy … and only seems worse, not better, with time around cats.

    If Wishes Were Pussycats | Her Bad Mother

  • Thanks to her doctor’s recommendations she finds herself feeling decafargic by noon. cardiacpopups – the messages that popup on your computer when you are in the middle of an important project and warn you that your computer is about to conk out. on 07 Sep 2007 at 5: 52 pm Kimberly defurrify – to remove pet hair/dander from a person or thing on 07 Sep 2007 at 6: 12 pm Heather

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Writer Unboxed’s CONTEST, CONTEST!

  • When a pet licks itself and the saliva dries, protein particles called dander become airborne.

    You Raising Your Child

  • Barrère and Leland also credit the Dutch with dander, which is commonly assumed to be an American corruption of dandruff.

    Chapter 2. The Beginnings of American. 2. Sources of Early Americanisms

  • "No-o," with characteristic candor replied the penitent fiddler, "I dinna think that I'll juist exactly kill mysel, but I'm gaun to tak a dander doon the burn (brook) wi 'the gun and gie mysel a deevil o' a fleg (fright)."

    The Story of My Boyhood and Youth

  • The maid's scorn roused Jordan's "dander," as he would have expressed it.

    Chronicles of Avonlea

  • There is only one thing that gets my "dander" up -- and that is the hands are always encouraging me: telling me "it's no use to get discouraged -- no use to be downhearted, for there is more work here than you can do!"

    Mark Twain, a Biography. Complete

  • It was plain that Mr. Wentworth's "dander" was still "up" -- 'way up.

    George at the Fort Life Among the Soldiers

  • There is only one thing that gets my "dander" up -- and that is the hands are always encouraging me: telling me -- "it's no use to get discouraged -- no use to be down-hearted, for there is more work here than you can do!"

    Complete Letters of Mark Twain

  • The Captain's "dander" was now fairly up; and the story of the bacon hams soon spreading over the boat, still further heightened the enthusiasm of both passengers and crew.

    The Quadroon Adventures in the Far West


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  • "A few white mammal-bellied clouds dandered like plutocrats across the blue floor of the sky, and the reeky old city and many sorts of town and village and farmland were below me, and bleak hills edging the borders behind me, and the blue mountains edging the highlands in front, and the firth between them widening with islands and ships to the sea."

    - Looking down on Auld Reekie, in 1982, Janine by Alasdair Gray

    November 26, 2011

  • British slang: 1. a leisurely stroll 2. temper

    June 13, 2009