disarticulated love


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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of disarticulate.
  • adj. disjointed


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  • The tender meat should then be disarticulated from the bones, skin and all, which, in this case, will be a cakewalk as the flesh has been rendered into a state of tender, moist, near-gelatinous compliance, the smell of which should cause mild hallucinations.

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  • Patriotic nation building is at once linked to and disarticulated from the adventures of empire, the vulgar and excremental body, the cosmopolitan imaginary, and the compulsions of language.

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  • His undesiring sighting of her body achieved the same effect for her as his desirous vision of Robinson: Caroline is disarticulated from the body/property scheme so necessary to the realism of sentimental narratives (to which the prince was himself addicted, believing Maria Fitzherbert to be his soulmate from whose bosom he had been torn by parental pressure to marry against his nature).

    Framing Romantic Dress: Mary Robinson, Princess Caroline and the Sex/Text

  • Hull, who runs a private archaeological company TVAS at Crusheen, Co Clare, said that the remains were "disarticulated", meaning that it was not a full skeleton.

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  • Claessens, who has been scanning with a group of his students since the “Aves 3D” project got under way in August, said much of the effort is aimed at disarticulated bones of specimens, so that the scanner can image the entire bone, including the ends and surfaces that might not be accessible in an assembled specimen.

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  • However, almost all fossils of Anomalocaris are disarticulated (to the point that, for many years, various pieces were thought to be separate animals).

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  • All the bones were disarticulated, but looked as though they'd come from Martian analogs of Late Paleozoic sarcopterygians and temnospondyls.

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  • "For the first time, we are going to watch a child being torn apart, dismembered, disarticulated, crushed and destroyed by the unfeeling steel instruments of the abortionist."

    Bernard Nathanson, abortion doctor who became anti-abortion advocate, dies at 84

  • Meanwhile, resources were stripped from the far more austere and tactically disarticulated operations in Afghanistan; and various Afghan forces arrayed against the US - in particular the Taliban - watched and waited.

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  • After quite a while without any activity, it seems that things are jumping again on the Sneaker Coast, with another disarticulated foot being found in a sneaker on a beach in British Columbia.

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  • "This identification as a biologically-impaired patient is one of the most destructive effects of biologic psychiatry.... At the level of individual patients this means a growing number of overdiagnosed, overmedicated and disarticulated people less able to define and control their own identities and lives. ... If psychiatry is to regain any semblance of legitimacy and integrity, it must strip itself of false and hubristic scientific claims and humbly submit itself to the urgent task of listening to individual patients with patience and intelligence."

    - Dr David Kaiser, Against Biologic Psychiatry, Dec. 1996.

    September 23, 2009