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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of disorganize.
  • adj. Lacking order or organization; confused; chaotic.

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  • adj. lacking order or methodical arrangement or function


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  • Unlike Ed and Tito, I'm just too lazy and disorganized* to commit to full album reviews; here is my answer for the lazy and disorganized among us.

    Two Songs: "Raise the Glass" and "Rumble With Gang Debs"

  • The Blackhawks played at St. Louis on Thursday and were sluggish and disorganized from the start. - Hockey - Nashville vs. Chicago

  • The movement has been called disorganized, and criticized for not having a unified message, leaving many of us to wonder what exactly people are protesting about.

    ABC News: Top Stories

  • The Irish followed their track in disorganized multitudes; each day encreasing; each day becoming more lawless.


  • The fact that there are so many of these events taking place -- that they are "disorganized" -- and that they will feature political novices (not the pros pulling the strings) -- makes it likely there will be some gaffes committed.


  • In 2006, Davidson lured Sergey Brin to Capitol Hill for a trip that even Brin described as a disorganized, last-minute venture.

    In the Plex

  • If her illness made his thinking befuddled and disorganized, which is understandble, I can accept that. .but not his coming back now and challenging others to act with courage and conviction after he failed to do so.

    Edwards Challenges Rivals To Back Feingold Amendment To Defund War

  • When that happens you appear careless or disorganized, which is probably not the image you want to project.

    » 2009 » November

  • My library and my computer desktop are usually totally disorganized, which is a bad sign!

    Rearranging Art Books

  • I would say that during any fight you will see movements of forces that resemble tactics, but in general you can't call the disorganized movement of large numbers of troops in a zerg tactics, mostly because it is unorganized and reactionary in nature, not planned strategy.

    The Zergling Rush (of your dreams)


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  • "Make a show of resistance, panicky and disorganized, like a whaler might... Present company excepted, Mister Hogg." --Captain Aubrey, "Master and Commander"

    February 21, 2007