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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of distend.
  • adj. Extended or expanded, as from internal pressure; swollen.
  • adj. gravid.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In entomology, dilated: as, distended tarsi.


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  • Needle-like tools used to drain distended bladders are unnerving.

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • The best course would seem to be -- and such is in accordance with the experience of the most successful stock-raisers -- to milk the cow dry immediately after the calf has sucked once, especially if the udder is painfully distended, which is often the case, and to leave the calf with the cow during one day, and after that to feed it by putting the fingers into its mouth, and gently bringing its muzzle down to the milk in a pail or trough when it will imbibe in sucking the fingers.

    Cattle and Their Diseases Embracing Their History and Breeds, Crossing and Breeding, And Feeding and Management; With the Diseases to which They are Subject, And The Remedies Best Adapted to their Cure

  • -- [R.L. S.] {174a} This is an incurable illusion of my grandfather's; he always writes 'distended' for 'extended.'

    Records of a Family of Engineers

  • Just because I think the authority of the Federal bureaucracy is distended well beyond its constitutional limits and that the states should assert their authority over the Federal apparatus does not mean that I intend to prosper at your expense.

    Bush Administration v. Environmental Groups

  • According to the researcher's observations, the small pouch that had been the stomach was now distended into a " ... massive, food-filled sac ... " that filled most of the abdominal cavity think pregnant women.

    Judith J. Wurtman, PhD: Are Competitive Speed Eaters Like Pythons?

  • Jeanette was suffering from kwashiorkor, a micronutrient deficiency that causes swelling in the hands and feet, tooth loss, distinctive rust-colored hair and a painfully distended belly.

    World Vision: Malnutrition Starves Children, Economies of a Lifetime of Potential

  • Daylight sat tense in his saddle and watched until they disappeared, his breath just a trifle shorter, as if he, too, were in the chase, his nostrils distended, and in his bones the old hunting ache and memories of the days before he came to live in cities.

    Chapter IX

  • She said several look malnourished, with distended bellies symptomatic of parasites.

    At orphanage, supplies are low and water scarce

  • His black eyes glittered, and his nostrils were distended and eager.

    Chapter 2

  • It was this attitude which had made it possible for Doctor Bicknell to save him So terrific had been the sweep of the razor that had he had his head thrown back, as he should have done to have accomplished the act properly, with his neck stretched and the elastic vascular walls distended, he would have of a certainty well nigh decapitated himself.



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  • –adjective

    1. increased, as in size, volume, etc.; expanded; dilated: the distended nostrils of the terrified horse.

    2. swollen, by or as by internal pressure, out of normal size or shape; protuberant: distended wineskins; the distended arteries of his neck.

    May 19, 2009