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  • n. One who maintains that all things happen by inevitable necessity, a person who believes in fatalism.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. One who maintains that all things happen by inevitable necessity.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A believer in fatalism; one who maintains the opinion that all things happen by inevitable predetermination.
  • n. One whose conduct is controlled by belief in fatalism; one who accepts all the events and conditions of life as proceeding from or leading to an inevitable fate: as, Orientals are naturally fatalists.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. anyone who submits to the belief that they are powerless to change their destiny
  • adj. of or relating to fatalism


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  • He calls the fatalist's question: "Can an Arabian steed submit to be a vile drudge?"

    George Borrow The Man and His Books

  • Dr. GOOLSBEE: Well, I certainly dont think we should adopt a kind of fatalist view that, you know, we were down in a deep hole, it's going to take us a while to get out so we should just give up.

    Economic Adviser Goolsbee On Tax Cuts

  • I've been a "fatalist" and I'm beginning to see the error in my ways and how this dark overview has robbed my life of much joy and possible adventure.

    Lisa Guest: I Used to Be a Fatalist! Perhaps I Have a Choice?

  • Another term used to refer to people who see external forces as greatly determining their destiny is "fatalist," and Mexicans have often been labeled as being a great deal more fatalistic than Americans.

    ¡Ni Modo! - Commentary On Business In Mexico

  • She made him sit down; she assured him that her sister quite expected him, would feel as sorry as she could ever feel for anything -- for she was a kind of fatalist, anyhow -- if he didn't stay to dinner.

    The Bostonians, Vol. I (of II)

  • a "fatalist," if it be fatalism to believe that "what will be will be," -- Jackson's constant motto.

    The Campaign of Chancellorsville

  • The problem is that if you give an audience a threat, but no information on how to counter it, they either become fatalist or ignore it, and also, it opens the door to the counter-framing of calling people “alarmists”.

    AGU Day 0: Restarting the Climate Conversation | Serendipity

  • I guess that I am somewhat of a fatalist when it comes to what might happen in life.

    Page 2

  • He is a born gambler, as well as fatalist, and he is not averse to taking a chance; though his own life be the stake, he plays against another's life.

    Mexico's Army and Ours

  • As he dies, the fatalist succumbs amid London's refrain: “Fortune did not whirl, but gay San Francisco dimmed and faded; and as the sun-bright snow turned blacker and blacker, he breathed his last malediction on the Chance he had misplayed.”

    “The Kipling of the Klondike”: Naturalism in London's Early Fiction


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