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  • noun A dialectal form of fluke.


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  • For those of us not in the USA, what the fluck is a Broiler?

    Cast-Iron Skillet The Key To “Serious” Homemade Pizza | Lifehacker Australia 2010

  • It's odd that there's no mention of the story on the internet; before posting I googled "fluck" and "crunt" and got only a couple of irrelevant pages. AND NOW FOR SOMETHING... 2004

  • my word verification is "fluck" which might just be my new favorite nonsense word

    Dancing dice e 2008

  • Ah well, for the time being I have a corner on the fluck/crunt market! AND NOW FOR SOMETHING... 2004

  • September 18th, 2004 at 10:28 pm yoyo dis is stefanie yo! i went out to a partay wit some guyyyyzz :d and den we all got drunk at 5 pm and i had lotsa sex! my friend to! i made it up! im a loser! ur a flucking boob licker! i say this so my mommy wont get mad! fluck u jack!

    New MSN Messenger Display Pictures 2004

  • Do you really think he gives a flying fluck about the fonts dialog box..

    Many years of sucking - Anil Dash 2003

  • Stimulus must be something that creates real wage growth against inflation. nothing policy makers can do HORSECHIT! repeal obamacare, get leadership that is not in the pocket of trial lawyers and environmental groups which are funded primarily to stifle american companies from competing globally. wake the fluck up. until you get rid of obama and neuter pelosi and reid and their socialist ilk, the country cannot recover.

    unknown title 2011

  • Report Abuse philadelphia is just one flucked up place they all act like a bunch of arrogant savages (yes i remember when all you philly fans laughed when joe jurevicious baby died) he should have kept the jersey on mcnabb brought life back into the chit bag franchise but philly you will see why trading mcnabb was one of the dumbest moves in sports history fluck philly they all can eat chit and die

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News 2010

  • Bengals fans rarely get the chance to talk playoffs, so kindly fluck off and let them, eh?

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News 2010

  • Bengals fans rarely get the chance to talk playoffs, so kindly fluck off and let them, eh?

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News 2010


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  • lol

    July 21, 2009

  • Fluck is different from luck. I define "fluck" as the kind of luck that rescues you from being totally fucked. For example, you fall out of an airplane (fucked)but you land on a haystack,that's fluck. Fluck is bad luck followed by good luck.

    Your car does not crash and you find a bar of gold under the seat .- luck

    Your car crashes into a tree but the airbag saves you and you find the gold bar - fluck

    October 27, 2013