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  • adj. Very large.
  • adj. great; excellent


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From the prefix mega-.


  • His modus operandi is to use a wide-angle lens and get as close as possible to what he calls "mega fauna" predators like leopard seals or polar bears.

    Steven Crandell: "We're Destroying the Most Amazing Thing in Our Lives" -- Interview With Polar Photographer Paul Nicklen

  • When we come back, we'll meet Max Lucato, Dr. Michael Youssef, Pastor Rod Parsley and pastor Greg Laurie for the major figures in what has become what we call mega ministries.

    CNN Transcript Aug 4, 2005

  • The Israeli government was warning us from what they call a mega-attack from Hamas as a response to the killing of Sheikh Yassin.

    CNN Transcript Mar 27, 2004

  • I have a feeling that NAMASMARAN; which I call a mega-fusion, a mega-process; or a mega-fountainhead; is sure to absorb the whole universe in itself i.e. immortal cosmic consciousness and in turn, as and when consciousness adequately blossoms in an individual through NAMASMARAN, the concepts of immortality in Gita would become tangible!

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • A number of opposition figures recently had a meeting in Abuja where they announced an intent to set up what they called a mega political party in order to challenge the ruling Peoples Democratic Party at the next elections in 2011.

    AllAfrica News: Latest

  • Barely two weeks after announcing what it called a mega-restructuring plan, London-listed Vedanta Resources, India's largest diversified mining group, has scrapped the proposal.

    Top Stories - Google News

  • What you are seeing is your smaller projects will probably still be bid on a lump-sum comp basis, but when you started get into your larger, what we call our mega-projects, we're seeing those types projects that extend over several periods or several years, and sizable builds of being looked at differently in industry because of the amount of risk that we would have to put in them. Home Page

  • The Green Party has criticised plans for what it calls a mega-sewerage system in the Bay of Islands.

    Radio New Zealand News Headlines

  • As more applications and content become hosted in mega cloud data centers, and these hubs slowly build out better exchange routing between peers (not that capex intensive, compared to the outlays for the facility), the very last mile will be the block to low latency and high speeds.

    Panther, CDN Networks Merge. More CDN Consolidation Ahead?

  • Weisz is a good actress and this could be a big shift for females in mega budget movies where they are always relegated to the romantic interest role.

    More Bond Rumors: Rachel Weisz Being Considered As Next James Bond Supervillain? | /Film


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