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  • n. Plural form of monomer.


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  • For instance, unstable protein monomers specified by the mutated gene might form self-stabilizing oligomers (31), or the transforming protein might generate changes that tend to favour the transformed state.

    Renato Dulbecco - Nobel Lecture

  • If the monomers are amino acids, interaction with water is important.

    David Anderson on Creation and Evolution

  • Professor, Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University Dr. Matyjaszewski developed atom transfer radical polymerization, or ATRP, a way of combining small molecules called monomers into blocks of polymers, which are plastics made up of long molecules.

    The Nobel Prize Will Go To...

  • For instance, the size of the polymer in a solution increases by a certain power of the number of monomers, which is mathematically analogous to the behavior near

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 1991 - Presentation Speech

  • The team linked melittin with small molecules called monomers, solidifying the two into a network of long polymer chains.

    TG Daily

  • The researchers were able to use this catalyst to initiate a variety of chemical reactions, including polymerizations (formation of polymer chains from small molecular building blocks called monomers). - latest science and technology news stories

  • As the Ni/MH battery voltage of only a single lithium-ion battery monomer 1/3, therefore, for the same request to a computer batteries, the use of Ni/MH battery system, called monomers is much larger.

  • - synuclein molecules (called monomers) and the formation of early oligomers during the aggregation process. - latest science and technology news stories

  • But then there is competition between prelife and life for the basic feedstock of monomers.


  • Polymers of basic molecules may have flexible bonds, which allows a chain of monomers to assume a shape that is determined by interactions between monomers.

    David Anderson on Creation and Evolution


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