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  • n. In cladistics, the condition of being monophyletic, of including all descendants from a given ancestral species.


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  • That’s pretty interesting, though it has to be said that the statistical support for turiasaurian monophyly is not overwhelmingly impressive.

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  • This "monophyly" hypothesis (figure 4B-1) requires the same number of gene gains or losses as the "paraphyly" hypothesis sustained by our phylogeny (figure 4A), both being thus equally parsimonious.

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  • In any case, the possibility of multiple aboriginal cells does not survive into textbook neo-Darwinism, in which universal monophyly (a single Tree of Life, rooted in a common ancestor [cell]) is orthodoxy.

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  • You then cited publications where Woese, Doolittle, and others, affirm their faith in the monophyly of Eukarya, Metazoa, chimps and humans, whatever.

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  • (If one argues, as do Vestigian et al. 2006 about the genetic code, that a biological character has come to be multiple times independently, that character cannot be used to establish monophyly, in this instance, the monophyly of life on Earth.)

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  • Hence, Oleg draws a horizontal line to indicate the origin of Eukarya, but it is a line with no internal points, allowing him both to assert and deny the monophyly of the clade.

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  • But not species, unless you want to make monophyly a part of the species definition.

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  • And sure; biological species have no requirement of monophyly.

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  • However, a recent molecular analysis (Mueller et al. 2004) rejected the monophyly of ALL of these groups with the exception of Desmognathinae (but rather than being the sister-taxon to Plethodontinae it was nested within this group, and within it the sister-taxon to a ‘Hydromantes’-Aneides clade).

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  • A comprehensive overview of all the data supporting bat monophyly was provided by Nancy Simmons (1994).

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  • The property of being descended from a single ancestral form or stock. Compare polyphyly and monophylly.

    April 6, 2008