from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A screen or covering of plain lace, coarse gauze, or mosquito-netting, used as a protection against mosquitos and other insects.


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  • I performed my ablutions in some bewilderment, and my good angel prompted me to wrap a towel round myself before venturing out, for when I did, damned if the door he'd used didn't open, and a massive bosom emerged, followed by the soulful countess in a night-rail fashioned apparently from a scrap of mosquito-net.


  • And if they're able to handle making the bed, make the bed the focal point with a brightly-colored wall behind it, a mosquito-net canopy (we got ours from IKEA), or fabric hung on the wall behind it like a tapestry.

    The First Thing You See In A Room, 2

  • Say there is a mosquito-net maker in small-town Africa.

    Why Foreign Aid Is Hurting Africa

  • Alexandra woke alone, and as she rolled over inside the mosquito-net tent, she winced at the bright sunlight flooding the rondavel.

    Hollywood Husband Contract Wife

  • Mr. Von Siebold called on me this evening, and I envied him his fresh, clean clothing as much as he envied me my stretcher and mosquito-net.

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

  • I left it on top of the mosquito-net, message downwards, and hoped that Boyer would not be too hungover to read it.

    A Rude Awakening

  • The room contained little more than a wooden double bed, the statutory mosquito-net, and a bare lamp bulb which glared down on the scene, making the eyes ache.

    A Rude Awakening

  • I have underwear and outer garments and the shoes, and I received mosquito-net and blankets and such things as that.

    Pilots in Pajamas - Part 3

  • I went upstairs to my bare room and the dripping cold-water tap (there was no hot water in Hanoi) and sat on the edge of my bed with the bundle of the mosquito-net like a swollen cloud overhead.

    The Quiet American

  • Before laying myself down under the blue mosquito-net, I open two of the panels in the room, one on the side of the silent and deserted footpath, the other on the garden side, overlooking the terraces, so that the night air may breathe upon us, even at the risk of bringing the company of some belated cockchafer, or more giddy moth.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete


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