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  • n. A drink or light snack taken in the afternoon; a refreshment between meals.

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  • n. A light meal taken in the middle of the day; a luncheon.


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From noon +‎ shench.


  • 'nuncheon' -- which in themselves make a tolerable load, he has brought a billhook, and a 'navigator,' or draining-tool.

    The Amateur Poacher

  • Luncheon, or "nuncheon" as some very ancient friends of mine always called it, was the merest mouthful.

    Collections and Recollections

  • That was after the brief nuncheon break on the second day, when Hugh had inquired for what must have been the dozenth time of Beth, as she was mounting again into the carriage, if she was sure she would not like either him or Nick to ride inside with the pair of them.


  • And serve a nuncheon in the yellow room in half an hour.

    A Wicked Gentleman

  • So she had a very pleasant morning and left her brother with a fond kiss to have her nuncheon in her own chambers in good enough spirits to eat bread and jam and slices of fruit.

    Ill Met By Moonlight

  • Teasingly, because of her frown, he asked if she did not like her nuncheon.

    Ill Met By Moonlight

  • And when she came to eat her nuncheon, Kat Champernowne told her that a messenger had come from Lord Denno to ask if Elizabeth could ride with him in the deer park that very afternoon.

    Ill Met By Moonlight

  • The place where Harry might be alone was after nuncheon when the children were free for some hours of play.

    This Scepter'd Isle

  • Actually he came soon about the time FitzRoy ate his nuncheon and remained concealed about the palace for most of the day.

    This Scepter'd Isle

  • "And since he was so kind as to bring me a present, would you like to invite Lord Denno to have a nuncheon with you?"

    This Scepter'd Isle


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  • a drink or snack taken between meals, esp. in the afternoon.

    "Yes,--I left London this morning at eight o'clock, and the only ten minutes I have spent out of my chaise since that time procured me a nuncheon at Marlborough."

    – Sense and Sensibility, ch. 44

    November 3, 2007