from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A flat plate, slab, or disk that is ornamented or engraved for mounting, as on a wall for decoration or on a monument for information.
  • n. A small pin or brooch worn as an ornament or a badge of membership.
  • n. Pathology A small disk-shaped formation or growth; a patch.
  • n. A deposit of fatty material on the inner lining of an arterial wall, characteristic of atherosclerosis.
  • n. A scaly patch formed on the skin by psoriasis.
  • n. A film of mucus and bacteria on a tooth surface.
  • n. A clear, often round patch of lysed cells in an otherwise opaque layer of a bacteria or cell culture.

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  • n. Any flat, thin piece of metal, clay, ivory, or the like, used for ornament, or for painting pictures upon, as a slab, plate, dish, or the like, hung upon a wall; also, a smaller decoration worn on the person, as a brooch.
  • n. An accumulation of biofilm, or bacteria on teeth.
  • n. Atheroma, an accumulation in artery walls made up of macrophage cells and debris containing lipids, (cholesterol and fatty acids), calcium, and connective tissue.
  • n. A clearing in a bacterial lawn caused by a virus.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Any flat, thin piece of metal, clay, ivory, or the like, used for ornament, or for painting pictures upon, as a slab, plate, dish, or the like, hung upon a wall; also, a smaller decoration worn on the person, as a brooch.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An ornamental plate; a brooch; the plate of a clasp.
  • n. A square, oblong, or circular tablet of bronze or silver, the largest dimension of which extends to three or four inches, ornamented in relief with some religious, mythological, allegorical, or decorative subject.
  • n. Any tablet or distinctly flat plate of metal or porcelain, whether plain or ornamented; partieularly. an ornamental circular plate intended for a wall-decoration. See cut in next column.
  • n. The especial decoration of a high rank in many honorary orders. See star, insignia, order, 6 .
  • n. In anatomy and zoology, a small flat object of round figure, as a blood-disk; a little plate. Also plaquette
  • n. A patch.
  • n. A billon or silver coin current in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in Brabant, Liège, Lorraine, and France.

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  • n. (pathology) a small abnormal patch on or inside the body
  • n. a memorial made of brass


French, from Old French, metal plate, perhaps from Middle Dutch placke, disk, patch.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
Borrowing from French plaque, derivative of plaquer ("to plate"), from Middle Dutch placken ("to patch, beat metal into a thin plate"), from placke ("disk, patch, stain"), from Old Dutch *plagga ("patch"), from Proto-Germanic *plaggan (“patch”). Cognate with Middle Low German placke, plagge ("small stain, scraps, rags, thin grass"), German Placken ("spot, patch"), Eastern Frisian plak, plakke ("a blow, slap"), Swedish plagg ("clothing, garment"). See plack. (Wiktionary)


  • He pointed to the empty space on the door where a name plaque should be.

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  • The piece is created by following a simple set of instructions, stated adjacent to the art on the title plaque:

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  • And that is a powerful drug that can get in there and can break up what we call plaque, it's stuff that is clogging up arteries, whether it's an artery to a heart that's causing an heart attack or an artery to the brain that's causing a stroke.

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  • Though a title plaque and an opportunity to extend their season was the primary prize, Rough Riders senior outside hitter Megan Velasquez said that wasn't all that was at stake for she and her teammates.

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  • That made the game a de facto national championship and allowed Nixon to present a title plaque to the winner.


  • Chang Jiechi’s eyes remained on his son for a long moment then slid to the name plaque on the improvised altar.

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  • (Bubonic plaque is endemic among the rodents that were be hunted, so you DID NOT want to skin a sick animal, and you could not know if a trapped animal had been sick.)

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  • Mucoid plaque is mainly formed when your body has excessive amounts of toxic waste matter.

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  • Mucoid plaque is a potential health hazard because it spoils your digestion, blocks the absorption of nutrients, allows parasites to breed and becomes a breeding ground for harmful toxins.

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  • A tacky GIRL POWER plaque is just lipstick on a pig. woodstock Says:

    All else being equal.


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