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  • adj. Issuing or following as a consequence or result.
  • n. Something that results; an outcome.
  • n. Mathematics A single vector that is the equivalent of a set of vectors.

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  • adj. following as a result or consequence of something
  • n. anything that results from something else; an outcome
  • n. a vector that is the vector sum of multiple vectors

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Resulting or issuing from a combination; existing or following as a result or consequence.
  • n. A reultant force or motion.
  • n. An eliminant.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Existing or following as a result or consequence; especially, resulting from the combination of two or more agents: as, a resultant motion produced by two forces. See diagram under force, 8.
  • n. That which results or follows as a consequence or outcome.
  • n. Synonyms Result, Resultant. A result may proceed from one cause or from the combination of any number of causes. There has been of late a rapid increase in the use of resultant in a sense secondary to its physical one—namely, to represent that which is the result of a complex of moral forces, and would be precisely the result of no one of them acting alone.

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  • adj. following or accompanying as a consequence
  • n. a vector that is the sum of two or more other vectors
  • n. the final point in a process
  • n. something that results


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  • It was found chemically that cane sugar absorbs the elements of water and changes into a mixture of two different sugars, one being weakly dextrorotatory and the other strongly laevorotatory, hence the resultant is a rotation to the left.

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  • * Twitter is the Mark of the Beast described in the Book of Revelation and The Sci Fi Catholic cannot be held personally responsible for any inconvenient or unexpected damnation resultant from the use thereof.

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  • As far as anyone can demonstrate, the brain changes were simply resultant from a causal chain of physical events.

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  • Superdelegates must realize based on the exit polls that the majority of his votes are resultant is based on race, not his stand on policies.

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  • The injuries were simply resultant from the use of his great strength, always so far superior to that of the men opposed to him.

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  • It countermands any specious defences of appropriation when applied to marginal culture that pivot on the double standard, allowing us to point to the precise effects of misrepresentation and discrimination that are resultant from the appropriation, and allows us to challenge the appropriation on a level of legtimacy that is not hamstrung by an implicit privileging.

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  • The shortage of dollars, diminishing gold reserves, high prices resultant from the cost of raw materials and the crisis in production are the negative factors.

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  • The social perception of the evil resultant from the intrusion of sex-influence upon racial action has found voice in the heartless proverb, "There is no evil without a woman at the bottom of it."

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  • - and yes, I understand that those networks would have not effected your thought process, however the end resultant is very much the same.

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  • In 2003, after collaborating for nearly 20 years, Messrs. Burton and Ozone added Mr. Lage (then 15) to the mix and, fittingly, titled the resultant album "Generations."

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