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  • adj. Resembling a shed.


shed +‎ -like (Wiktionary)


  • Only those men on KP, CQ, or guard are in the company area—all others having departed on passes at the end of the Friday workday—so he sees no one as he crosses the small space of worn grass between the barracks and the white, shedlike headquarters building.


  • I lower my arms, trying to check out the assortment of shedlike structures on the property when a commotion to the side of the house catches my attention.

    Disenchanted Princess

  • It was so dark that we could not find our way into the shedlike dwellings.

    The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton

  • In the orangish light preceding twilight, Mykel reined up outside the small shedlike barn, taking in the other outbuildings and the larger barn that would hold many of the men.

    Soarer's Choice

  • Otherwise the large shedlike structure was empty except for repair gear and supplies.

    Jed the Dead

  • Outside the long shedlike building, the wind whistles, and light snow drifts under the eaves and falls toward the timbered floor like white dust.

    The Magic Engineer

  • Dorrin puts the staff in the lanceholder and swings up into the saddle, turning Meriwhen toward the harbor and the small, shedlike building that holds the Guild.

    The Magic Engineer

  • Next to the Port Council building is the smaller, shedlike building that holds the Guild.

    The Magic Engineer

  • There were stables for tharlarion and covered shedlike structures beneath which wagons were drawn up.

    Renegades Of Gor

  • It was dry, at least, in the covered, shedlike entrance way, between the gates.

    Renegades Of Gor


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