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  • n. Plural form of slick.


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  • At the restart, the field was still running wet weather "rain tires" and pit strategy - deciding when to change to dry weather "slicks" - became a key element in the outcome of the race.

    PaddockTalk Racing News

  • Quality road tyres usually have a heavy tread pattern, which make driving in the wet a far safer experience than if you were on tyres with limited tread or dry weather racing tyres called slicks, which have no tread whatsoever for maximum grip and traction.

    Car Advice | News | Reviews

  • And the part i "didn't know about" two medivac birds "slicks" had been shot down, all members of the crews lost as well to get me out of those trees. 5 in each slick, 10 men had lost their lives trying to get me out of there. 10 for 1,, 10 families who lost loved ones so that one family could have their son back.

    ronald dean douglas

  • Cheever, working hard to support a wife, began to publish in the "slicks" such as Harper's Bazaar, Collier's, and Mademoiselle.

    John Cheever's Cruel Paradoxes

  • Most of the stories take place in Heinlein's future history series (collected in books such as The Past Through Tomorrow, The Man Who Sold the Moon and The Green Hills of Earth); and originally appeared in genre publications such as Astounding Science Fiction as well as a number of the "slicks" that Heinlein wanted to break into (the money was bigger).

    REVIEW: Project Moonbase and Others by Robert A. Heinlein

  • I know when I was in Italy in 2005 I saw some 'slicks' that had adult horror stories in them ... they were kind of like 'Heavy Metal' type of zines... but I don't know if that evolved or what.

    How to purchase fumetti

  • Lisa Yaszek's essay on "1950s SF, the Offbeat Romance Story, and the Case of Alice Eleanor Jones" provides fascinating background on Jones, a writer who mostly wrote stories for the "slicks" such as Ladies Home Journal and Redbook, but who also had published a handful of science fiction stories in 1955.

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • An Army search and rescue team was nearby and dispatched two UH1H "slicks" and two UH1B "Cobras".

    Zich, Larry A.

  • Normally, the teams consisted of two "slicks" (UH1 general purpose helicopters), two

    Becerra, Rudy M.

  • The paddles ceased to ply; the canoes now drifted idly forward, their wakes trailing out behind in long "slicks" of greasy blackness flecked with sparkles from the reflected light of all those many torches.

    Darkness and Dawn


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