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  • n. The stretching of objects into long thin shapes in a very strong gravitational field such as a black hole.


spaghetti and -ification (Wiktionary)


  • Weather this means that they will actually us correct or Hollywood science is unclear but I am feel quite confident that if they were made aware of the term spaghettification and what it entails they just might want to use real science.

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  • Matter coming close to the event horizon of a small black hole undergoes a process called spaghettification, a term coined by Stephen Hawking in his book

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  • Matter coming close to the event horizon of a small black hole undergoes a process called spaghettification, a term coined by Stephen Hawking in his book ''A Brief History of Time' 'to describe extraordinarily strong tidal forces.

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  • Sadly for you, everyone knows that lurking in the interior of the black hole is a singularity, and your fate will be spaghettification or worse.

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  • The theory of spaghettification will cause heat, since you will obviously be breaking molecular bonds, which release energy.

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  • Near black holes, the tidal force is expected to be strong enough to deform any object falling into it, even atoms or composite nucleons; this is called spaghettification.

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  • Effects of falling into a black holeSpaghettification Main article: spaghettification

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  • At the end of the spaghettification process, the object is a string of elementary particles.

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  • This means that small black holes cause spaghettification while infalling objects are still outside their event horizons, whereas objects falling into large, supermassive black holes may not be deformed or otherwise feel excessively large forces before passing the event horizon.

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  • Once the spaghettification of government has commenced, it will be harder and harder to distinguish between good and bad.

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  • "You don’t hear about a lot of meatball backlash. But many Italians clearly see the spaghettification of bolognese, specifically, as a dire wrong. Their attempts to right it have ranged from organized, high-level efforts to, more recently, a kind of Internet comment trench warfare. In 1982, Bologna’s chamber of commerce officially notarized what they consider to be the authentic recipe, which contains beef skirt, pancetta, celery, carrot, onion, a little tomato, wine, and milk."


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  • Italians do Westerns, too. :-)

    November 3, 2008

  • Your funny bilby! I'm still laughing.

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  • Since when did we leave the Italians in charge of black holes?

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  • the process by which an object would be stretched and ripped apart by gravitational forces on falling into a black hole

    December 20, 2006