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  • adj. Of the same kind; similar.
  • pro. Persons or things of such a kind.

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  • adj. Of the same or similar kind
  • pro. Other things of the same kind or type.

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  • adj. of the same kind


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

such +‎ -like


  • And in case anyone thinks that my comments in the preceding paragraph are harsh, culturally imperialistic, or bigoted, consider this: After Apartheid was overturned in South Africa, after the black majority gained political power, came the issue of what to do with the worst of the torturers and suchlike from the days of Apartheid.

    ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD by FuseProject | Inhabitat

  • She would not, of course, cover illegal immigrants and suchlike, which is an important shade shy of genuinely "universal" coverage, but her plan would come closer than Obama's.

    Bill: Obama Would "Deny Us Universal Health Care"

  • What a wonderfull word suchlike is, almost as satisfying to type as somesuch.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • Planes, as you may already know, have big wings because they need a lot of lift to get off the ground and start flying around and suchlike, which is mostly what planes do, although sometimes they just sit on the taxiway getting de-iced and making people impatient.

    ekranoplan: world’s strangest airplane « raincoaster

  • There's also some not-quite-soft-porn 3D, with some scantily clad Japanese women fondling replica guns and having waterfights and suchlike, which isn't even as interesting as it sounds.

    Metal Gear Acid 2 Post-Mortem

  • I am sick of the cant of sentiment and duties and suchlike, which is the mask men use to cover what will not bear considering.

    The Ladies A Shining Constellation of Wit and Beauty

  • What I am is a purveyor of bling, bags, and suchlike, which is bliss in comparison, and thankfully doesn't involve instruction manuals.

    British Blogs

  • And it's not done in our profession; and, to tell you the honest truth, I'm not given that way myself -- not to the extent of tracks and suchlike, that is. "

    The Tinted Venus A Farcical Romance

  • And if you would have your daughter riggish, bawdry and unclean, and a filthy speaker, and suchlike, bring her up in music and dancing and my life for yours, you have won the goal.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • Just as one leather-jacketed, slouching renegade by name of Jim Steel took me under his musical wing, to open my ears to the glories of The Stooges, The Ramones, Radio Birdman and suchlike, it was one surgical-gowned, growling reprobate by name of Fergus Bannon who opened up my eyes, searing his scribblings on the inside of my skull -- right at the back, by the medulla oblongata, the snake-brain.

    Fergus Bannon


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  • ..washing

    dished, cooking breakfasts, cleaning ovens,

    scrubbing floors, assisting the Assistant

    Chef and other suchlike quite disagreeable


    - Peter Reading, Inter-city, from Fiction, 1979

    June 26, 2008