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  • adj. Of, or relating to symbiosis; living together.
  • adj. Of a relationship with mutual benefit between two individuals or organisms.
  • n. symbiotic star

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  • adj. Pertaining to, or characterized by, or living in, a state of symbiosis.

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  • Pertaining to or resembling symbiosis; living in that kind of consociation called symbiosis; exhibiting or having the character of symbiosis.

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  • adj. used of organisms (especially of different species) living together but not necessarily in a relation beneficial to each


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From symbiosis, from Ancient Greek συμβίωσις (sumbiōsis), from σύν (sun, "with") + βίος (bios, "life").


  • If you can let your readers know about this page it will be more popular and your own blog will receive more traffic as a consequence -- it's what you call a symbiotic relationship and it's lovely.

    Scribbit | A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska

  • Second, there is a great deal of consensus for endosymbiosis — the idea that prokaryotes in symbiotic relationships eventually led or helped to lead to eukaryotes.

    Behe and Gene discuss the Evolution of the Flagellum

  • Some of these odd-couple partnerships have their roots in symbiotic benefit: Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Bill Frist all made common cause with Clinton as a means of moderating their partisan image, just as she has used alliances with previous conservative critics to moderate hers.

    Take Two: Hillary's Choice

  • Maintaining that fundamentalism often exists in symbiotic relationship with an aggressive modernity, each impelling the other on to greater excess, she suggests compassion as a way to defuse what is now an intensifying conflict.

    The Battle For God: Summary and book reviews of The Battle For God by Karen Armstrong.

  • It would have failed without the two forces in symbiotic relationship.

    Investment Opportunities in Thailand

  • Thus, the harbinger would conclude that in general terms, if the tie were to be fairly implemented and other elements of the relationship were equally scrutinised to the benefit of long term symbiotic operational harmony, neither party would complain in the most part.

    Rss news feed for Morning Advertiser

  • But it also fits with other evidence of a long-term symbiotic relationship between the Bushes and the bin-Ladens.

  • Finally, with a permanent peace agreement in place, we should then fashion an economic aid package to implement a long-term symbiotic trade and manufacturing relationship between the two sides.


  • For both China and sub Saharan Africa, there are some fundamental facts that underscore not only the potential strength of the nascent relationship, but what some would call the symbiotic nature of the relationship's future progression and impact on the world's economy.

    Amb. Robin Renee Sanders: Africa-China: An Economic Relationship with Staying Power

  • LSD and related drugs are sought to provide the user a sense of object connection or to regain autistic unity (p. 404); opium and its deriviates provide fantasies of omnipotence, magical wish fulfillment, and self-sufficiency characterized by the symbiotic state (p. 429); amphetamines, methedrine, and cocaine, which diminish fatigue also lead to an increase in the feelings of assertiveness, self-esteem, and a decrease in accuracy of judgment reminiscent of the “practicing period.”

    Clinical Work with Adolescents


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