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  • noun A sulfur-containing organic compound with the general formula RSH where R is any hydrocarbon group.

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  • noun A trade-name for a substance made by the action of sulphur on the paraffin-oils from the distillation-products of peat. It resembles ichthyol in medicinal properties.

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  • noun organic chemistry a univalent organic radical (-SH) containing a sulphur and a hydrogen atom; a compound containing such a radical


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thio- + -ol


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  • NAC contains a sulfur group known as a thiol, and it is the thiol that gives this amino acid its antioxidant effects.

    Forever Young M.D. Nicholas Perricone 2010

  • The combination of the two underarm residents creates a chemical called thiol, which smells distinctly like onions.

    Latest News - 2009

  • When this mixed with bacteria usually found under the arm, it was transformed into a chemical called thiol, well known for its onion-like smell.

    Latest News Breaking News and Current News from the UK and World Telegraph 2009

  • Areas such as thiol-based redox signaling and gene regulation, redox control of neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and aging, biochemistry of redox-active trace elements, structural biology, proteomics/metabolomics, microbial pathogenesis and redox homeostasis are all current targets of investigation.

    Scientific American 2010

  • However, another study — one of many that could be cited — Effect of N-acetyl-cysteine on the hypoxic ventilatory response and erythropoietin production: linkage between plasma thiol redox state and O2 chemosensitivity, found that very modest doses of NAC, 200 mg three times daily, massively increased erythropoeitin production and increased the hypoxic ventilatory response.

    An Undetectable Athletic Performance Enhancer? « Isegoria 2008

  • The thiol in it is responsible for its terrible rotten egg aroma, because it is a sulfur group.

    Forever Young M.D. Nicholas Perricone 2010

  • Many of the compounds in asphalt are polar since they contain alcohol, carboxyl, phenolic, amine, thiol, and other functional groups.

    Asphalt 2008

  • It destroys the thiol-ravaged proteins at their weakest point — where the hair sprouts out of the root.

    What's Inside: Nair Hair Remover, Feel the Burn! 2007

  • Serving here as a skin moisturizer and softener, it's yet more reparation for the insult done to your dermis by the hydroxide and thiol.

    What's Inside: Nair Hair Remover, Feel the Burn! 2007

  • Potassium thioglycolate That skunky stench is a signature attribute of this compound, a member of the perennially pungent thiol family.

    What's Inside: Nair Hair Remover, Feel the Burn! 2007


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