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  • "Intelligence Agency Wiretapping Van"

    September 11, 2017

  • «The consensus is that the pebble must have been brought to the cave by an Australopithecus africanus, whose bones were found nearby. Archaeologists call such an object a manuport — something that has been collected but not used for a utilitarian purpose or modified. Other manuports from around 800,000 years ago and later have been found in southern Africa and India.»

    Is this the very first readymade?, by Martin Bailey

    September 28, 2016

  • An all-male panel at a conference.

    There's a Tumblr for that:

    July 18, 2016

  • “It’s not that I’m Pollyannaish or in any way unaware of the risks of the global economy ... It’s just it seems to me that we’ve been living through a lot of these downside risks already for several years but the strength of domestic demand in the U.S. economy has been sufficient to overcome that.”

    John Williams, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

    March 7, 2016

  • Buckinghamshire dialect word for snail. Same as hodmandod, and just as delightful.

    January 11, 2016

  • "At this word". Mostly used in dictionaries and encyclopedias to refer to a previously mentioned entry.

    January 11, 2016

  • See benaltrismo.

    December 10, 2015

  • One of a few Rwandan traditional hairstyles (and the only one with many photos on the web). You want to look it up!

    December 8, 2015

  • A neologism that could be roughly translated as muchmoreism.

    "The tendency to discredit any attempt to face a problem by pointing to other supposedly more serious and more important issues." (Wiktionary)

    December 8, 2015

  • Sometimes we call these self-defining, explanatory sentences "free-range definitions", or "FRDs" (pronounced "freds").

    Let's Add a Million Missing Words to the Dictionary

    by Erin McKean of Wordnik, on Kickstarter

    September 15, 2015

  • Back in the Wordie days, a long, excellent discussion would happen here.

    September 15, 2015

  • "Yikers, I am so gonna Sailormoon that." Priceless, bilby.

    September 14, 2015

  • They exist!

    September 13, 2015

  • “'Sometimes there’s really not a shade I can pick that’s white enough,' says Perry of his patients, who sometimes show up with photos of celebrities with gleaming smiles. 'They really want a monochromatic white, like Chiclets.' Perry has coined his own term for the shade people want: 'TB1: Toilet-bowl white.'”

    Have We Hit Peak Whiteness?, by Courtney Humphries

    August 3, 2015

  • Is there any way to add HTML links on Wordnik?

    July 10, 2015

  • Just added limestone as I own a REPAP notebook.


    July 10, 2015

  • "Hey guys,

    Tag me, please.

    Jann, across the hall


    A post-it from an old neighbor in the apartment where I'm staying this week (Queens, NY).

    I've never heard or seen the verb tag used like this before. An you?

    June 23, 2015

  • I wish we had a "listen to definition" section.

    April 26, 2015

  • We really should catsup soon.

    April 22, 2015

  • I *need* these pronunciations back. Pretty please?

    April 14, 2015

  • "Many postdocs move on to fulfilling careers elsewhere, but those who want to continue in research can find themselves thwarted. They end up trapped as ‘permadocs’: doing multiple postdoc terms, staying in these positions for many years and, in a small but significant proportion, never leaving them."

    The future of the postdoc, by Kendall Powell

    April 8, 2015

  • Also, in geology, the general process of glacial erosion.

    March 23, 2015

  • In a tunnel beneath Stuttgart railway station, your correspondent was startled and slightly nauseated by a large poster advertising a sandwich filled with Fleischkäse. Though a big fan of both meat and cheese, I could not help but find the name meat-cheese repellent, even aside from the fact that the picture featured a featureless pink slab that resembled neither meat nor cheese.

    "When is cheese not cheese?" by Robert Lane Greene, The Economist

    March 19, 2015

  • *snort*

    February 8, 2015

  • Hi! The first word, geschenk, can be translated with no spaces as begift.

    January 15, 2015

  • ruzuzu, you're hitting the spot there. I need a word that does for the senses what neurotypical does for the brain/mind.

    (if only esthesiotypical weren't such an earsore...)

    November 4, 2014

  • Hi! I have been looking for the proper word to describe someone who has no sensory disabilities, as opposed to those who live with one. I would like the word to imply little about both the able and the disabled other than the fact that the former can indeed use all senses while the others rely on at least one fewer.
    If there is a good word for that already, it would be perfect. If there is none, would you help me make one up? (pan-sensorial? able-sensed?)

    October 29, 2014


    August 11, 2014

  • I was just invited to "like" MateInItaly, an exhibition about... maths (mate is short for maths in Italian). I asked the curators - turns out nobody had noticed the pun.

    July 31, 2014

  • "When Walt (Disney) was developing DisneyLand in the early fifties he would frequently arrive home late in the evenings and would often enter his house through the kitchen ... Walt would sometimes grab a “weenie” from the refrigerator as he made his way through the kitchen and would share the hot dog with his dog Lady. He realized that she would follow him wherever he went when he was holding the hot dog because she knew he was going to share it with her.

    While developing the new theme park Walt remembered that he could lead the dog wherever he wanted with a “weenie”, so this is the term he coined for describing to his Imagineers how to get the guests to go to certain places and directions."

    July 16, 2014

  • Wasn't there a haha response thread?
    (Typing from my phone)

    May 27, 2014

  • Same in Sardinian! We usually spell it ajó.

    May 3, 2014

  • And so do I!

    But I don't understand how we are supposed to find this █████ comment box on one's profile.

    February 21, 2014

  • Love your comment, ruzuzu.

    October 29, 2013

  • There's a doggie coming here to eat now

    Which dated back to 1993

    I don't care what the people say because

    That dog, he don't come around here anymore

    (Ode to LRC, by Band of Horses)

    October 29, 2013

  • Keep commenting, guys! I'm asking for a trend.

    October 25, 2013

  • Wonderful, thank you deinonychus!

    June 18, 2013

  • In Italy, a bimbominkia or bimbominchia (f. bimbaminkia or bimbaminchia) is a... well,

    Instaminkia is used ironically by teenagers to tag their Instagram "selfies".

    April 22, 2013

  • Often used to increase visibility by other people, though.

    April 22, 2013

  • Hello to you!

    You are right in that it means "drenched in sweat"; this particular word for "drenched", however, is hardly ever used in any context other than that of exhaustion. That's what I meant - it seems to incorporate both senses of bedraggled in the mind of an Italian reader.

    March 27, 2013

  • @Frog: madido di sudore!

    March 27, 2013

  • I'll go with something along the lines of "covered in sweat", then. There's an Italian word that incorporates both exhaustion and sweat. (Ew!)


    March 26, 2013

  • "Four bedraggled porters came through the door, each one staggering under a huge load. They hauled a collection of trunks and large canvas bags."

    Given that there is no reference to the luggage being wet or soiled anywhere in the chapter, and that these are the porters of a moody and tyrannical woman, am I right in assuming the word is used to mean something like "exhausted/in poor conditions"? Or maybe "covered in sweat"?

    March 26, 2013

  • Happy World Oral Health Day!

    March 20, 2013

  • Who's there?

    March 16, 2013

  • Bilby, you surely mean mes geese.

    February 18, 2013

  • According to Weirdnet, I haven't had one in quite a while. Who knew!

    February 17, 2013

  • I'm pretty sure the other guy at the meeting looks much frailer.

    February 17, 2013

  • In Italian this is a "party" in a more Berlusconian sense.

    February 15, 2013

  • Wonderful, ruzuzu!

    February 14, 2013

  • Ha!

    February 10, 2013

  • Happily for the paranoid, a trio of researchers reckon they have come up with a way to send secret messages via Skype without tipping off censors or intelligence agencies that something fishy is going on. The three, Wojciech Mazurczyk, Maciej Karas and Krzysztof Szczypiorski, who all work at the Warsaw University of Technology, made use of a technique called steganography, cryptography’s lesser-known, less glamorous cousin. Whereas cryptography relies on the brute force of mathematics to make messages unreadable, steganography relies on stealth and cunning to make them undetectable, by hiding them within other, innocent communications. (A classic example is writing in invisible ink between the lines of an ordinary letter.) That way, potential eavesdroppers are not even aware that a conversation is happening.

    "Speaking with silence: Tinkering with Skype can allow people to send undetectable messages" - The Economist

    February 6, 2013

  • "I've had it done up lately," he explained, as he had explained for the past -- how many? -- weeks. "New carpet," and he pointed to the bright red carpet with a pattern of large white rings. "New furniture," and he nodded towards the massive bookcase and the table with legs like twisted treacle. "Electric heating!" He waved almost exultantly towards the five transparent, pearly sausages glowing so softly in the tilted copper pan.

    (The Fly, by Katherine Mansfield)

    I'm trying to figure out what the author means by twisted treacle.

    Could it be the way thick molasses flows, something like this?

    February 1, 2013

  • Don't trust the bilby, he forgot what dimenticare really means!

    January 28, 2013

  • ooooh, I miss all of this so much. :)

    January 27, 2013

  • Blacked out? Which one?

    January 27, 2013

  • That woman has "shoulder-length, pale-brown hair", so I'd say no...

    January 25, 2013

  • "Did you grow up in Kentucky?" he asked. He imagined her as a big-eyed child in a cotton shift, playing in some dusty, sunny alley, some rural Kentucky-like place. Funny she had grown up to be this wan little bun with too much makeup in black creases under her eyes.

    "The girl on the plane", from "Because They Wanted to", by Mary Gaitskill

    What would you say bun means in this context?

    January 25, 2013

  • Just found out that the suffix -ster was originally "used to refer to woman doing a job normally performed by a man" as the GNU Webster's 1913 Dictionary definition says:

    This gives Webster itself a whole new meaning.

    January 11, 2013

  • whichbe?

    January 10, 2013

  • This isn't going to be a Goldacresque run-down of study after study of evidence (although here's a handy Cochrane review for the nerds). What's so interesting about the antioxidant myth is its wider cultural and social dimension. Why is this perception so hard to shift? And is there anything we can do about it?


    (still too hard for me to type all html code for a proper link)

    January 10, 2013

  • A word or expression that is repeated elsewhere in a text, but whose first occurrence, and not the following, should be removed.

    (I made it up this morning while translating what could become my first editorial translation if I manage to sell it)

    December 22, 2012

  • sionnach - HA!

    December 19, 2012

  • I saw this tattoo on the internet (on graphic designer Jim Parkinson's body)

    and I wonder if there's a pun that I don't get. I have seen "born to ride" stickers with the same kind of design before – is that the original, or are both of them referring to some other "born to (...) + skull" concept I am unaware of?

    December 19, 2012

  • :-) I think it would be a very nice addition. Thanks!

    December 19, 2012

  • I don't know how to say it, but most forums have a toolbar at the edge of comment boxes. You type your comment, then you select the part you would like to see italicized, click "I" on the toolbar, and that bit of text is in italics now. You want to post a link? You type "check this out", select "this", click "link" on the toolbar, a window pops up, you paste your YouTube link, et voila, you still read "check this out" but the word "this" links to the YouTube video. Without me having to type all the HTML code.

    December 19, 2012

  • And I just used it, milosrdentsvi.

    December 18, 2012

  • Hello Feedback,

    I would just like to say that I still find Wordnik quite messy.

    I simply can't find what I need, when I need it. And this is why I hardly ever use it, despite my love for the community.

    For instance, comment boxes; conversations arranged in a meaningful way on the community page (I'd like to see all recent comments posted to a word/list page somehow grouped together, not as distinct entries).

    I'd like to have collaborative lists that are not open to anyone, like we used to have in the YOW days.

    I'd like to have a quick-translate button (again, something we used to have) for a first hint about a word's meaning when I don't need anything sophisticated.

    And finally, and most urgent, I would really need something better than the 'feeling fancy' text suggesting how to use HTML. I think I said that before: a drop-down gizmo would be great. I don't even understand how to post some clickable text with a link anymore (see ë), and my computer skills are, I believe, above average.

    I'm not complaining, I'm actually concerned for you. If I ended up visiting Word Reference more often than I visit Wordnik, other people are probably doing so.

    December 18, 2012

  • laughing out at a reasonable volume!

    December 18, 2012

  • I'm almost positive I found cryoturbation videos in the "adult" section. Or something like that.

    December 10, 2012

  • "n. An obsolete and more original form of apron." The Century Dictionary is such a trendsetter.

    December 9, 2012

  • And then there's also my collaborative project sweet-tooth-fairy-dominoes.

    December 9, 2012

  • A great alternative to scanno :)

    Hey, welcome to Wordnik!

    December 6, 2012

  • Spent the past half-hour reading your lists and almost choking on them. Love you!

    December 5, 2012

  • what was he eating when he recorded unfathomable?

    December 5, 2012

  • fluffy rainbow-colored unicorns frolicking in the surf with happy dolphins was added by ruzuzu and appears on just this list

    clan tartans that resemble waffle patterns, and vice-versa was added by bilby and appears on just this list

    December 4, 2012

  • See also grangerize. Or if you prefer, you can try gangerhize.

    December 4, 2012


    December 4, 2012

  • Shevek's comment still makes me laugh out loud, as my roommate just found out.

    December 2, 2012

  • Which leads to a second question: Can a word be porno-graphic? Or just porno-logical?

    And which of the meanings of vulgar are the terms of service referring to?


    October 10, 2012

  • I love that we have a translation of Wordnik's terms of service that people can actually understand! It's the first time I really read any ToS.

    Despite the mistake with the font size in the "Beta" section.

    October 8, 2012

  • Too bad iced tea isn't there.

    September 21, 2012

  • Überthanks guys! As usual, I added either your suggestion or something related I found while looking for the page you pointed out.

    August 27, 2012

  • I haven't, but I'll try and find her!

    Thank you 'zu - this whole American experience has been wonderful, especially the first two years and the past few months, and I wish I could stay. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

    Let's hope the next adventure is... worth its price.

    August 2, 2012

  • Opposite of speed of light.

    May 27, 2012

  • I'm forcing myself not to look up the actual reason for the brand name. Madeupical etymologies can be much better.

    May 27, 2012

  • It happens to everyone! Including a lot of us old Wordies. Hope you like it here!

    May 23, 2012


    May 23, 2012

  • When life gives you gators...

    May 21, 2012

  • *squeezes squid*

    May 18, 2012

  • *squats*

    May 18, 2012

  • Just watched the episode :)

    May 17, 2012

  • Dear Abby,

    How can I convince the Wordnik gods to hire me?


    Visa About to Expire

    May 17, 2012

  • *decorates hallux with sequins*

    May 17, 2012

  • Are you sequelable?

    May 16, 2012

  • Thanks thanks!

    May 14, 2012

  • deinonichus: your link led me to "scientific classification", which has a reference to Aristotle, whose page is under "beekeepers", which has a "Ukrainian beekeepers" subcategory.

    Thank you so much.

    May 6, 2012

  • One of the categories for the article on SpongeBob SquarePants.

    May 2, 2012

  • Aww, thanks ruzuzu! Wonder which part made you think of me.

    May 2, 2012

  • Wonderful!

    April 10, 2012

  • When continuity mistakes have been made, explanations are often proposed by either writers or fans to smooth over discrepancies. Fans sometimes make up explanations for such errors that may or may not be integrated into canon; this has come to be colloquially known as fanwanking (a term originally coined by the author Craig Hinton to describe excessive use of continuity). Often when a fan does not agree with one of the events in a story (such as the death of a favorite character) they will choose to ignore the event in question so that their enjoyment of the franchise is not diminished. When the holder of the intellectual property discards all existing continuity and starts from scratch it is known as rebooting. Fans call a less extreme literary technique that erases one episode the reset button.

    April 7, 2012

  • It's not!

    April 3, 2012

  • And I less than three you! Miss you guys. You know how it feels sometimes, though... I visit often but can't find anything to add to the conversation.

    I really wish there was an easier way to follow threads. If you don't spend lots of time here, you have to open all links on the Zeitmunity page. There has to be a different way!

    March 29, 2012

  • According to Google Chrome, "This page is in Swedish, would you like to translate it?"

    March 21, 2012

  • I thought this was filed under "hunting wabbits".

    March 13, 2012

  • Oh, I forgot!

    March 12, 2012

  • Did I ever tell you that I found bilby's reddish bananas at the food coop where I volunteer? They are ok, firmer indeed, and less obviously sweet – or maybe just as sweet, only there's something else I can't quite describe.

    March 12, 2012

  • Words such as ((legendary, great, eminent, visionary, outstanding...)) often used without attribution to promote the subject of an article, while neither imparting nor plainly summarizing verifiable information.

    February 27, 2012

  • For Valentine's Day - Epithelial sheath neuroma

    Kutzner H (2001) Cancer 91(4):804–805

    February 23, 2012

  • tedious

    February 16, 2012

  • Hi, good luck on your dreams, but please don't SPAM us. Welcome to Wordnik!

    February 15, 2012

  • Hello ExpatGrocer, maybe you mean well, but I wanted to warn you that at Wordnik we are very serious about what we eat. So please make sure you don't turn your Velveeta into Spam.

    February 15, 2012

  • List of... walls?!

    February 15, 2012


    February 11, 2012

  • A spreadsheet showing all grades of a whole class, including the partial grades from homework and in-class tests.

    February 8, 2012

  • (vide zuzzurellone)

    January 27, 2012

  • Deinonychus, are you familiar with the word iroquoisy and the iroquoisy list?

    January 22, 2012

  • Duh!

    Thanks for all your great suggestions, guys, you're great!

    January 21, 2012

  • "The ability to recognize writing on the skin purely by the sensation of touch."

    January 21, 2012

  • Antonym of barognosis.

    January 21, 2012

  • "The ability of evaluating the weight of objects, or to differentiate objects of different weights by looking at them."

    January 21, 2012

  • I'm sure there's more...

    January 21, 2012

  • Ew!

    January 20, 2012

  • "‘█████’ has been looked up 833 times, loved by 6 people, added to 9 lists, commented on 13 times, and is not a valid Scrabble word. It's also a palindrome."

    January 18, 2012

  • Frankly, ruzuzu, that's █████.

    January 18, 2012

  • You are what in Italian we call uno str

    January 13, 2012

  • Screw

    January 13, 2012

  • Turns out that as long as we heart each other we can

    January 13, 2012

  • January 13, 2012

  • This was only

    January 12, 2012

  • January 12, 2012

  • ok,

    January 12, 2012

  • test 6

    it would be easier to

    January 12, 2012

  • test 5

    it would be easier to

    January 12, 2012

  • test 4

    it would be easier to

    January 12, 2012

  • test 3

    it would be easier to

    January 12, 2012

  • Oh, that worked!

    January 12, 2012

  • test:

    OK, there's something wrong with

    January 12, 2012

  • OK, there's something wrong with "less than 3" in a sentence.

    January 12, 2012

  • test:

    it would be easier to

    January 12, 2012

  • I wrote something like "it would be easier to (heart) you back if it didn't take me 5 minutes just to find the comment section"

    January 12, 2012

  • This is NOT what I wrote!

    January 11, 2012

  • It would be easier to

    January 11, 2012

  • As opposed to, you know, real-world witches.

    January 7, 2012

  • Hi, there's a Feedback tab to the left. That is the best way of making sure someone reads your question.

    January 6, 2012

  • According to a google search, it could be the same thing as rexine.

    January 3, 2012

  • Is there a list of New Year's resolutions?

    January 2, 2012

  • Wow!

    December 28, 2011

  • "Pupik" - navel in Yiddish.

    December 18, 2011

  • Three words: coglioni di mulo.

    December 15, 2011

  • Also called slinziga (which is how I know it). Normally beef, sometimes horsemeat.

    December 15, 2011

  • Seen here.

    December 15, 2011

  • I didn't know you had a superstition list! Can they coexist? Mine is meant to be a list of "typical" superstitions (somewhere in the world).

    December 13, 2011

  • Also, Wikipedia doesn't have a definition for craudestopper.


    December 8, 2011

  • In Japan and South Korea, March 14 is White Day, the day in which men buy candy for women (while on St. Valentine's day only women are supposed to make/buy chocolate treats for men).

    December 6, 2011

  • Korean - a flasher.

    December 6, 2011

  • 2:35

    I am.

    December 4, 2011

  • It's the definition for Seven wonders of the World. The Chinese text means, according to Google Translate,

    "Oh, my God, Sam just bath towels also find that when the girl woke up"

    December 1, 2011

  • HH, that's a level of complexity I can't deal with. My brain is melting.

    December 1, 2011

  • *snort*

    November 30, 2011

  • By the way, imperfect as it is, this is the first real tangible improvement since the Wordnik era. At last! Congratulations to (whomever? whoever? whatever) is behind it.

    November 29, 2011

  • Accessing all of my lists now takes longer than ever: main page -> click on my name -> click "my profile" -> scroll down to "lists" -> click "all lists".

    November 29, 2011

  • I could only change that preference after connecting from an actual computer (something I can do less and less often nowadays).

    November 29, 2011

  • By "can't" I mean that I get an error message. Accessing Wordnik from Dolphin Browser for Pad on a Honeycomb tablet.

    November 29, 2011

  • I can't hide the "recent lookups" from my profile. I had them off before the newest change, and I think you should keep the previous settings by default.

    November 29, 2011

  • I'd like an answer please.

    November 29, 2011

  • Once more, for the umpteenth time:

    Some tags in Wordie had comments. When are we getting those back? Will anybody bother telling me something about that, or should I just forget about it and shut up?

    November 28, 2011

  • November 24, 2011

  • Sardinian - roughly translatable as "It's cold!"

    November 19, 2011

  • The untold story.

    November 18, 2011

  • Have you noticed how many lists the word is in, yarb?

    November 14, 2011

  • Hawaiian alphabet soup is a boring meal.

    November 14, 2011

  • Thanks rolig!

    November 10, 2011

  • "abbiccì"

    November 10, 2011

  • This happens way too often... logging in to post something, only to find out I already did.

    November 10, 2011

  • The "official" Italian alphabet.

    November 10, 2011

  • What's with wordies and tsunami-related pages?

    November 9, 2011

  • Plethora!

    November 4, 2011

  • Or Google Plus!

    October 30, 2011

  • I want my content back.

    October 28, 2011

  • occupy Wordnik is © ruzuzu. We also have a picket on Google Plus.

    October 28, 2011

  • We are occupying Wordnik on my "I want my content back" list (see above). Feel free to join! Due to the potentially long occupation, we'll be mostly bringing canned umbrage, no fufluns this time.

    October 28, 2011

  • Or to have an "allowed html" popup link near the comment box.

    October 27, 2011

  • Or to see comments on tags.

    October 27, 2011

  • Another cool feature would be the ability of posting to somebody's profile page.

    October 27, 2011

  • H0!

    October 26, 2011

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