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  • n. A British military decoration for gallantry in action.


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  • “He felt trapped and cornered,” recalls Talese today.

    James Frey's Morning After

  • Talese, or at the very least "Talese," should have pondered his actual achievement as a journalist here.

    Mr. P, Mrs. V, and Mr. T

  • Meanwhile newspaper interviews with Mr. and Mrs. Talese confirm the problems of "Talese" and spouse and indeed children incurred over the nine years of preparation, composition, and concluding publicity.

    Mr. P, Mrs. V, and Mr. T

  • The book will also include audio commentary such as Talese discussing Vonnegut and Wolf analyzing Bette Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique."


  • Thus the book, in the oldest of journalistic traditions, is "A True Confession" given majesty by the gigantic sums of money expended upon it by Doubleday and Hollywood; pathos by Talese's indication in interviews that he is uncertain how Mr.. Talese will react to public discussion of what Talese and "Talese" got up to; and absurdity by the last lines of the book in which Talese says that "Talese" returned to his childhood haunts in New Jersey, stripped his clothes off in a nudist colony on the shores of the Great Egg Harbor River and, regarded by bourgeois mariners, "looked back," with Mr. P presumably pendent and unashamed.

    Mr. P, Mrs. V, and Mr. T

  • The closure earlier this year of Elaine's, where he would meet up with writer friends like Gay Talese and Frederic Morton, left a big void; he said he hasn't yet found a replacement.

    One Home, Three Locations

  • I spent a lot of time in my local library, checking out books about writing and writers, from Truman Capote to Gabriel García Márquez to George Plimpton to Gay Talese to William Shakespeare to Willie Morris to John Irving.

    In the Time of Bobby Cox

  • My God that article by Gay Talese in the Times was pretentious!

    Mafia-free wine, White House, Justice Roberts, wine service – sipped and spit | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • When they finished their meal, they offered the rest of the wine to a neighboring table, specifically, Gay Talese who blogged about it for City Room.

    2009 October | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • It was written by Gay Talese, who would of course go on to write famous groundbreaking books, including "Thy Neighbors Wife" and "The Kingdom and the Power."

    Sports Reporting Hero Speaks Of 'Silent Season'


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