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  • n. Plural form of interviewee.


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  • Neither their correspondent in the capital city, nor their editors or anchors asked any of their interviewees from the civic-military government for a copy or to see the letter that the Honduran parliament read that was attributed to President Zelaya, in which he supposedly resigned.

    Global Voices in English » Honduras: Was it a Coup?

  • There is also a cite of a study that trained investigators were no better at detecting signs of truthfulness in interviewees than college students -- both performed at the level of random guessing, although the investigators were more certain of their answers.


  • I know this was not a featured match, but the fact that a piece about Craig Bellamy's return to Cardiff lasted roughly twice as long – Neil Kinnock's presence among the interviewees might be a partial explanation – indicates misplaced priorities.

    Let's have more football and less phone-in flim-flam, please

  • While most of his sources are cited as private interviews, it is difficult to ascertain the quality of the interviews, given that we only know that one of the interviewees is a United States army officer stationed in Singapore.

    Singapore Angle: Perspectives: Comments

  • One of the interviewees is a former student who happens to be hanging out in a bar near campus.

    Sherman Dorn

  • "During hearings they gave the impression they had already passed judgement and only needed more evidence from 'interviewees' to confirm."

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • But now that more people want to attend our annual do than watch Man U play Chelsea, and there would be dozens of potential 'interviewees' for every media

  • Why are the French interviewees 'answers interpreted by someone who speaks English with a comedy French accent?

    TV review: The Silence and Concorde's Last Flight

  • Far too few journalists bother to ask that question, and Zakaria has sent a much needed reminder to journalists - it is your job to expose the potential conflicts of interest among your interviewees.

    Brendan DeMelle: Climate Skeptic Pat Michaels Admits 40 Percent of His Funding Comes From Oil Industry

  • One can picture Sandler finding interviewees in "Narcissists Anonymous" for her piece.

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Time Magazine's Bizarre Assault on Large Families


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