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  • n. Any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Prunus, especially P. avium or P. cerasus, native chiefly to northern temperate regions and having pink or white flowers and small juicy drupes.
  • n. The yellow, red, or blackish fruit of any of these plants.
  • n. The wood of any of these plants, especially black cherry.
  • n. Any of various plants, such as the Barbados cherry or the cornelian cherry, having fruits resembling a cherry.
  • n. A moderate or strong red to purplish red.
  • n. Vulgar Slang The hymen considered as a symbol of virginity.
  • adj. Containing or having the flavor of cherries.
  • adj. Made of the wood of a cherry tree: a cherry cabinet.
  • adj. Of a moderate or strong red to purplish red.

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  • n. A small fruit, usually red, black or yellow, with a smooth hard seed and a short hard stem.
  • n. Prunus subg. Cerasus, trees or shrubs that bears cherries.
  • n. The wood of a cherry tree.
  • n. cherry red
  • n. Virginity, especially female virginity as embodied by a hymen.
  • n. A subtree consisting of a node with exactly two leaves.
  • adj. Containing or having the taste of cherries.
  • adj. Of a bright red colour.
  • adj. In excellent condition; mint condition.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Like a red cherry in color; ruddy; blooming.
  • n. A tree or shrub of the genus Prunus (Which also includes the plum) bearing a fleshy drupe with a bony stone
  • n. The common garden cherry (Prunus Cerasus), of which several hundred varieties are cultivated for the fruit, some of which are, the begarreau, blackheart, black Tartarian, oxheart, morelle or morello, May-duke (corrupted from Médoc in France).
  • n. The wild cherry; as, Prunus serotina (wild black cherry), valued for its timber; Prunus Virginiana (choke cherry), an American shrub which bears astringent fruit; Prunus avium and Prunus Padus, European trees (bird cherry).
  • n. The fruit of the cherry tree, a drupe of various colors and flavors.
  • n. The timber of the cherry tree, esp. of the black cherry, used in cabinetmaking, etc.
  • n. A peculiar shade of red, like that of a cherry.
  • intransitive v.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The fruit of species of Cerasus (which is commonly regarded as a subgenus of Prunus), consisting of a globose pulpy drupe inclosing a one-seeded smooth stone; also, a tree producing this fruit.
  • n. A name given to many different kinds of fruit which bear some resemblance to the common cherry. See phrases below.
  • n. The wood of the cherry-tree. In Australia, the fine-grained wood of Eugenia myrtifolia, and especially the very hard, compact, and durable wood of Exocarpus cupressiformis, used in ship-building and other strong work.
  • n. A cutter or countersink used in making bullet-molds.
  • Like a red cherry in color; red; ruddy; blooming: as, a cherry lip; cherry cheeks.
  • Made of cherry-wood: as, a cherry table.
  • To impart a cherry color to; redden.
  • A modification of cherish.
  • n. The service-berry.
  • n. A shrub or small tree, Eugenia uniflora, a native of South America, which produces luscious, bright-red, cherry-like fruit about an inch in diameter and agreeably acid. Also called Cayenne or Brazilian cherry and pitanga.
  • n. Prunus sphærocarpa, a small evergreen tree which ranges from southern peninsular Florida to the West Indies and Brazil.
  • n. generally to any of the native American cherries, as P. serotina, P. Virginiana, P. Pennsylvanica, etc., and particularly to the less-known species, such as P. emarginata, P. Alabamensis, and P. australis.
  • n. Improperly, P. angustifolia, the Chickasaw plum (which see, under plum).

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  • n. a red fruit with a single hard stone
  • n. a red the color of ripe cherries
  • n. wood of any of various cherry trees especially the black cherry
  • adj. of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange); resembling the color of blood or cherries or tomatoes or rubies
  • n. any of numerous trees and shrubs producing a small fleshy round fruit with a single hard stone; many also produce a valuable hardwood


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English cheri, from Anglo-Norman cherise, variant of Old French cerise, from Vulgar Latin *ceresia, from *cerasia, from Greek kerasiā, cherry tree, from kerasos.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English cheri (loanword from Anglo-Norman, from Old Northern French cherise ("cherry")- compare Old French cerise, which gave modern French cerise and later English cerise from this). Cf. Old English ciris ("cherry"), (from Late Latin ceresia), which died out after the Norman invasion and was replaced by the French-derived word.



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  • ...all the while, her masts and yards were thickly clustered with men, as three tall cherry trees, when the boys are cherrying among the boughs.

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    July 31, 2008

  • also virginity

    June 18, 2008

  • Neil Diamond: "Cherry, Cherry".

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  • slang term meaning mint, original or virginal condition...also meaning excellent

    January 25, 2008