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  • n. Plural form of denunciation.


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  • They end up passing something that is too insignificant to actually deal with the problem at hand but that nevertheless prompts hysterical denunciations from the right.

    Norman Solomon: Progressive Canaries in a Political Mine

  • But no denunciations from the left or a quick exit from office, like GOPers caught doing the same.

    Waldo Jaquith - Beck asks Congressman to prove he’s not allied with al-Qaeda.

  • * The work was consequently assailed with fierce denunciations from the orthodox pulpits; a comedy was acted by the students of the College of Navarre, in which the queen was represented as a Fury of Hell, and the Sorbonne decreed at least, if it did not promulgate, a censure upon her heretical production.

    The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre

  • Since almost everyone tried by the Spanish Inquisition had been denounced by someone almost always anonymously, Mr. Kamen reasons that "the denunciations are the principal problem, not the Inquisition" and that therefore the proper subject for historical investigation is "the people—lots of them—who are denouncing conversos to the Inquisition."

    Inquiring Minds Wanted to Know—or Else

  • Lost in the denunciations were the powerful benefits of the bonus system, which helped make the U.S. the global leader in financial services for decades.

    Greed Is Good

  • His denunciations were the most extreme, and his expressions of contempt and ill-will were wholly unbridled.

    Military Reminiscences of the Civil War, Volume 1 April 1861-November 1863

  • In response, Budget Minister Kone Katinan accused the French-owned BNP of acting in a "purely criminal, racist" manner and said the government will nationalize SocGen and BNP Paribas, sparking angry denunciations from the French government. Top Stories

  • It's one of the most legalistic, tepid "denunciations" on gay marriage ever issued from any Republican, let alone the chairman of the party:Our party platform articulates our opposition to gay marriage and civil unions, positions shared by many Americans.

    After being browbeaten to say something, Steele issues watered down statement on legalization of gay marriage in Maine today

  • I do want to add a note of caution, though, because in choosing the word neighborhood rather than village one thing I certainly do not hope to do is suggest something like the kind of denunciations of actually existing villages and the life of those villages provincialism, bumblefuck, BFE, flyover country and the like that often get hurled down from the skyscrapers in actually-existing metropolises, cities, etc.


  • Katherine Graham, who was the publisher of "The Post," Ben Bradlee, the editor, stood behind us under the kind of denunciations you just don't get from the White House.

    CNN Transcript Jul 11, 2005


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