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  • adj. Strong and deep in tone; resounding: a resonant voice.
  • adj. Having a lasting presence or effect; enduring: "Cranmer compiled the first Book of Common Prayer, writing some of the most resonant phrases in the English tongue” ( Allen D. Boyer).
  • adj. Strongly reminiscent; evocative: a monument that is resonant of the nation's past glory.
  • adj. Producing or exhibiting resonance: resonant frequency excitation.
  • adj. Resulting from or as if from resonance: resonant amplification.
  • n. Linguistics A sonorant.

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  • adj. Resounding, echoing.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Returning, or capable of returning, sound; fitted to resound; resounding; echoing back.
  • adj. Adjusted as to dimensions (as an electric circuit) so that currents or electric surgings are produced by the passage of electric waves of a given frequency.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Resounding; specifically, noting a substance, structure, or confined body of air which is capable of decided sympathetic vibrations; or a voice, instrument, or tone in which such vibrations are prominent.
  • Sounding or ringing in the nasal passages: used by some authors instead of nasal as applied to articulate sounds.
  • n. A resonant or nasal sound.
  • In electricity, capable of responding to electric oscillations of a given frequency on account of its capacity, inductance, and dimensions: said of an electrically tuned circuit.
  • In the graphic arts, noting brilliancy and power in technique or quality.

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  • adj. characterized by resonance
  • adj. serving to bring to mind


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Latin resonāns, resonant-, present participle of resonāre, to resound; see resound.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Latin resonare ("to resound")


  • Yes, it is a noun denoting a room and its purpose, but more than that, it is a word resonant with symbolism.

    Nigella Lawson's Cozy Kitchen

  • Hence, there are enough cultural references to make the title resonant and viable.

    Jackson Katz: Conversation with Philosopher on School Shootings

  • Says al-Qaeda will deny them “justice” — again, a term resonant among Muslims.

    Roll Out! | ATTACKERMAN

  • "We demonstrated the power of what we call resonant cavity trapping, where a particle is guided along a small waveguide and then pulled onto a micro-ring resonator," explains Kenneth - latest science and technology news stories

  • I think what makes the movie so resonant is how the unconscionable behavior of some characters and sections of the society at large isn't quite as far-fetched as you might initially think.

    Archive 2010-06-01

  • While they do consider some factors known in climate they do not seem attentive enough in the paper to the short term resonant coupling factors with fairly well understood process of PDO,


  • Even more resonant is Shulman’s 1960 photograph of Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House No. 22, another twilight scene.

    The Iconographer

  • In a particular moment of rare calm, everything strangely quiet except for his laboured breathing, Crozier suddenly recalls a resonant instance from when he was a young boy returning home late one winter evening from an afternoon in the wintry hills with his friends.

    The Terror

  • That was because each branch and twig had what Jase called a resonant frequency.


  • This is also known as the resonant field model, and is applicable to a description of a planetary system.

    Archive 2005-10-01


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  • He took a reel of dental floss from his waistcoat pocket and, breaking off a piece, twanged it smartly between two and two of his resonant unwashed teeth.

    Joyce, Ulysses, 7

    January 2, 2007