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  • n. The 17th letter of the Greek alphabet. See Table at alphabet.

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  • n. The name for the seventeenth letter of the Modern Greek and Classical alphabets and the eighteenth letter of Old and Ancient.

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  • n. The Greek letter ρ, corresponding to the English r.
  • n. The Greek letter ρ, corresponding to the English r.

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  • n. the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Greek rhō, of Phoenician origin; see rאš in Semitic roots.


  • Kleinman had apparently discovered that focusing a beam of radiation on uranium atoms could generate intense showers of particles called rho mesons.

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  • To estimate the divergence time within haplogroup P, we first counted the number of substitutions [the parameter 'rho' (ρ)] between each of the CPC98 and DQ124389 samples and an inferred mutationally-equidistant ancestral sequence and multiplied by the previously used rate estimate of ~3,172 years per substitution in the coding region of the mtDNA genome

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  • This system can be used to precisely and reversibly translocate target proteins such as rho-family GTPases to the membrane with micrometer spatial resolution and second time resolution.

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  • [4] Calculated by multiplying their figure of 4325 years (pg. 1507, col. 1, line 4) first by 100 (pg. 1507, col. 1, line 14) and then by rho, which is calculated to be about 900 according to their formula (pg. 1507, col.

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  • "rho" is so small, but also an explanation why "p" is equal to "- rho" and is therefore equally tiny.

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  • At the bottom of the monument, below the Ten Commandments, there are two small Stars of David and also two Greek letters, chi and rho, superimposed over each other to represent the name Christ.

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  • After the battle, Constantine adopted the labarum — ☧, a juxtaposition of the Greek letters chi (X) and rho (P) as a symbol for Christ — as his monogram.

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  • Thanks to Mr. Brenkus, I now know that terminal velocity = Sqrt [(2 x mass x acceleration)/(C x rho x A)], which comes in handy when calculating the best possible times for swimmers.

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  • So I've tentatively extrapolated that gamma, delta, iota, chi, and rho are *cemla (cf. gimel), *talta (cf. daleth), *eiata (cf. yod), *χei and *rusa (cf. resh).

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  • Those would be the equivalents of gamma, delta, iota, xi, rho, and the "f" sign as well as the one between epsilon & zeta, if that's not "f".

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