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  • n. Chopped or shredded cabbage salted and fermented in its own juice.

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  • n. A dish made by fermenting finely chopped cabbage.
  • n. A German person.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Cabbage cut fine and allowed to ferment in a brine made of its own juice with salt, -- a German dish.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A favorite German dish, consisting of cabbage cut fine, pressed into a cask, with alternate layers of salt, and suffered to ferment till it becomes sour.

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  • n. shredded cabbage fermented in brine


German : sauer, sour; see sauerbraten + Kraut, cabbage (from Middle High German krūt, from Old High German).
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
Borrowed into English around 1600 from German Sauerkraut, from sauer ("sour, acidic, spoiled") + Kraut ("herb”, specifically “cabbage"). (Wiktionary)


  • Along with lemon-ginger tea, sauerkraut is one of the all-purpose home remedies I offer quite often to the walking wounded.

    fear not fermentation | Radical Futures Project

  • And we called sauerkraut "liberty cabbage" and we called liberty cabbage "super slaw."

    McCain Concedes That Political Use Of Petraeus Picture Was A Goof

  • The sauerkraut is not overwhelmingly difficult, but for those of us in Michoacán, the rye flour to make sour rye bread is very hard to find.

    canned tomato products

  • Having lived in England, I can tell he's trying to be funny because he used the word sauerkraut while talking about Germans.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Edit when we called sauerkraut ‘Liberty cabbage’ and somebody actually proposed calling German measles ‘Liberty measles’

    400 (minus 1) - The Panda's Thumb

  • Remember our war hysteria, when we called sauerkraut ‘Liberty cabbage’ and somebody actually proposed calling German measles ‘Liberty measles’?

    400 (minus 1) - The Panda's Thumb

  • The trick to sauerkraut is to drain but do not discard the packing liquid, and then rinse the sauerkraut VERY BRIEFLY in cold water, and then drain it again, discarding the second run-off.

    Spareribs & Sauerkraut

  • Recently, I started making my own sauerkraut, which is much better tasting than store bought.

    Boing Boing: May 21, 2006 - May 27, 2006 Archives

  • I still can remember my first taste of this made up as choucroute, the French word for the German dish of sauerkraut, which is the the German word for both the fermented cabbage and the dish made from it containing a variety of smoked meats and sausages.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • Don't they have high schools for pregnant students in Alaska? sauerkraut aka Palin Pity Party (09: 04: 02): News


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  • Good King Sauerkraut, look out!
    On your feets uneven,
    While the snoo lay round about...

    --Walt Kelly

    May 3, 2007