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  • n. One that strings: a stringer of beads.
  • n. Architecture A long heavy horizontal timber used as a support or connector.
  • n. Architecture A stringboard.
  • n. A horizontal timber used to support upright posts.
  • n. Sports A member of a specified string or squad on a team. Often used in combination: a first-stringer; a second-stringer.
  • n. A part-time or freelance correspondent for the news media.

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  • n. Someone who threads something; one who makes or provides strings, especially for bows.
  • n. Someone who leads someone along.
  • n. A horizontal timber that supports upright posts, or supports the hull of a vessel
  • n. A freelance correspondent not on the regular newspaper staff, especially one retained on a part-time basis to report on events in a particular place.
  • n. Wooden strip running lengthwise down the centre of a surfboard, for strength.
  • n. A hard-hit ball.
  • n. A cord or chain, sometimes with additional loops, that is threaded through the mouth and gills of caught fish.
  • n. A libertine; a wencher.

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  • n. One who strings; one who makes or provides strings, especially for bows.
  • n. A libertine; a wencher.
  • n. A longitudinal sleeper.
  • n. A streak of planking carried round the inside of a vessel on the under side of the beams.
  • n. A long horizontal timber to connect uprights in a frame, or to support a floor or the like.
  • n. A reporter or correspondent who works for a news agency on a part-time basis, especially one covering local news for a newspaper published in a different area; -- called also string correspondent.
  • n. a longitudinal supporting structure to reinforce the skin of an airplane fuselage.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who strings.
  • n. A device for attaching piano-strings to a ridge cast specially for that purpose on the plate, instead of winding them around tuning wrest-pins inserted in the wrest-pin plank.
  • n. In railway engin., a longitudinal timber on which a rail is fastened, and which rests on transverse sleepers.
  • n. In ship-building, an inside strake of plank or of plates, secured to the ribs and supporting the ends of the beams; a shelf. See cut under beam, 2 .
  • n. In carpentry: A horizontal timber connecting two posts in a framework.
  • n. Same as string-board.
  • n. A tie in a truss or a truss-bridge.
  • n. A fornicator; a wencher.
  • n. A small stick or switch used to string fish on by the gills.
  • n. In iron ship-building, a longitudinal member built of plates and bars in the interior of a vessel which reinforces and supports the framing above the turn of the bilge. Similar members below the turn of the bilge are called keelsons. See keelson, 2.
  • n. In geology, a narrow vein or dike.

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  • n. a worker who strings
  • n. a member of a squad on a team
  • n. brace consisting of a longitudinal member to strengthen a fuselage or hull
  • n. a long horizontal timber to connect uprights


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string +‎ -er (“agent”)


  • I believe the word stringer derived from the early practice of measuring column inches with a piece of string.

    Staying Tuned

  • Whether you can get away with that sort of attitude as the head critic of the New York TImes, as opposed to a mere stringer, is something I wouldn't know, though.

    Four Once

  • Out in the field, a veteran Paris freelancer goes to desperate lengths for his next byline, while the new Cairo stringer is mercilessly manipulated by an outrageous war correspondent with an outsize ego.

    Review of The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman

  • One week ago, a different stringer from the one who had been merely warned met with a much more tragic fate.

    Boing Boing: September 25, 2005 - October 1, 2005 Archives

  • A stringer is an infrequent, paid, freelance contributor to a publication.

    Archive 2005-08-01

  • One of the things we ` re forgetting is that in this day in age a lot of so-called stringer photographers will knock on the door of, let ` s say magazine exhibition and say, I ` ve got a camera and I ` m willing to do just about anything to get you this picture.

    CNN Transcript Jun 20, 2005

  • Smashing in a 'word stringer alonger' kind of way.

    rainandfire Diary Entry

  • This of course creates a tensional strain along the stringer, which is found as follows: -- Representing the applied weight by F B, Pl. II, Fig. 2, draw

    Instructions on Modern American Bridge Building

  • They were found on the stringer, which is the composite aluminum ring located on the top of the tank's intertank area.


  • That would be an indication that there might be a different problem other than the stringer itself having a flaw or a defect that would put us in that second family where the stringer was the victim here and not the cause.

    Breaking News: CBS News


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  • A part-time newspaper correspondent covering a local area for a paper published elsewhere.

    November 3, 2007