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  • n. The quality of being morbid; morbidness.
  • n. The rate of incidence of a disease.

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  • n. The quality of being unhealthful, morbid
  • n. The incidence of a disease, as a rate of a population which is affected.
  • n. An occurrence of illness or disease, or a single symptom of that illness.
  • n. Adverse effects caused by a medical treatment such as surgery.

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  • n. The quality or state of being morbid.
  • n. Morbid quality; disease; sickness.
  • n. Amount of disease; rate of sickness.

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  • n. A morbid condition or state; morbidness.
  • n. The proportion of diseased persons in a community; the sick-rate.

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  • n. an abnormally gloomy or unhealthy state of mind
  • n. the relative incidence of a particular disease
  • n. the quality of being unhealthful and generally bad for you


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Recorded since 1656; from morbid, from Latin morbidus ("diseased"), from morbus ("disease"), from the root of mori ("to die") or from a Proto-Indo-European base mor "to rub, pound, wear away".


  • The stability of a child's early life has profound effects on physical and mental health, and unstable parent-child relationships, as well as abuse, can lead to behavioral disorders and increased mortality and morbidity from a wide variety of common diseases later in life.

    A California Ruling

  • However, even after controlling for such behavior and other health-related factors, the improvements in morbidity and mortality rates exceeded expectations.

    2008 November - Telic Thoughts

  • Otto S, Mahner B, Kadow I, et al. General non-specific morbidity is reduced after vaccination within the third month of life — the Greifswald study.

    Vaccine Safety FAQs

  • Befitting her age, Gardam more than teases at infirmity and death, but the prospect of morbidity is never morbid.

    Old Media Monday: Reviewing the Reviewers

  • And yet, Justice Kennedy suggests, and many here seem to agree, that future problematic psychological morbidity is sufficient reason to ban a certain physical procedure which is often safer for the patient.


  • Due to the possibility of cross-linking ART data with data from other health registers, the researchers will be able to assess long-term morbidity in these children and compare it with appropriate control groups.


  • Among the risks of egg donation cited by the ASRM's official statement of the matter are "some risk of unintentional pregnancy" because donors must temporarily suspend the use of hormonal contraceptives, some risk of short-term morbidity, an unclear risk of long-term health consequences, a "remote" risk of mortality, and a concern that young women may "dismiss the potential psychologic consequences of donation."

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  • "The radiation therapy, even for an older child but especially for an infant or somebody whose brain is still in the developing phase, can have quite significant long-term morbidity or side-effects," Malkin explains.

    CTV News RSS Feed

  • INTRODUCTION: As survival and long-term morbidity of very preterm infants have improved over the past decade, the limits of infant viability, the level of maturity below which survival and/or acceptable neurodevelopmental outcome are extremely unlikely, have also decreased.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • Pretreatment MRI and PET / CT for cervical cancer may direct more women to optimal therapy choices and spare many women potential long-term morbidity and complications of trimodality therapy (surgery followed by chemoradiation), according to a study performed at the Institute for Technology Assessment in Boston, MA.

    EurekAlert! - Breaking News


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