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  • n. Any of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire (962-1806), of Austria (1806-1918), or of Germany (1871-1918).
  • n. Used as the title for such a man.

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  • proper n. the German Emperor, often specifically Wilhelm II

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  • n. The ancient title of emperors of Germany assumed by King William of Prussia when crowned sovereign of the new German empire in 1871.

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  • n. An emperor. Compare Cæsar
  • n. [Recent, G.] The emperor of Germany (or of Austria).

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  • n. the title of the Holy Roman Emperors or the emperors of Austria or of Germany until 1918


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

German, from Middle High German keiser, from Old High German keisar, from Latin Caesar; see caesar.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From German Kaiser ("emperor").


  • Roosevelt drew a distinction between Czar Nicholas II, the feeble figurehead of the Romanov empire, and the German ruler Wilhelm II—who bore the title Kaiser which, like czar, comes from caesar.

    The Great Experiment

  • [1] In the German language, the title Kaiser means Emperor.

    The World War and What was Behind It Or, the Story of the Map of Europe

  • As soon as the man, or rather the departed spirit who urged him, that he performed all this, spelt the name Kaiser, that is, Emperor, the spirit seemed to be quite satisfied.

    Secret Enemies of True Republicanism

  • The war, as you know, cut right across his personal relationships; the Kaiser is his cousin, and other relatives were in the lists of the enemy, but King George cut the painter, and was the staunchest Briton of us all.

    The Men Who Saved England

  • I haven't a thing against him, Saint – not a thing except that he won't see and can't be made to see that the Kaiser is a menace to the peace of Europe.

    Rainbow Valley

  • Nor were they sparing of criticism of what they called the Kaiser's "weakness" in letting him rise to power.

    The Man with the Clubfoot

  • The city's name stems in part from the German word "Kaiser," meaning "emperor" - referring to the former emperor Frederick I, who also is known as Barbarossa.

    Stars and Stripes

  • Joseph Kaiser is a major talent and has played some spectacular supporting roles last year both as Narraboth in Salome at the Metropolitan Opera and Yonas in Kaija Saariaho's Adriana Mater in Santa Fe.

    Magic to do

  • Kaiser is an editorially independent news service and a program of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health-care policy organization that isn't affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.

    As more hospital systems consolidate, experts say health-care prices will jump

  • Dr. Stein's quiet communication revolution that began 20 years ago has only gained increasing support within Kaiser Permanente.

    Riva Greenberg: 4 Habits That Revolutionize a Doctor's Visit


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