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  • abbr. absent
  • abbr. Absolute
  • abbr. absolute temperature
  • abbr. absorbance; absorbancy
  • abbr. academy; academician
  • abbr. accepted
  • abbr. accomodation
  • abbr. accumulator
  • abbr. acid
  • abbr. acre; acres
  • abbr. address
  • abbr. adjutant
  • abbr. adjusted
  • abbr. administration
  • abbr. admiral
  • abbr. admit
  • abbr. adult
  • abbr. after
  • abbr. age; aged
  • abbr. air
  • abbr. air branch
  • abbr. aircraft; airplane
  • abbr. airman
  • abbr. alfa
  • abbr. alto
  • abbr. amateur
  • abbr. ambassador
  • abbr. America; American; Americanize; Americanization
  • abbr. Amos, the book of
  • abbr. amphibian; amphibious
  • abbr. amplitude
  • abbr. ana; anna
  • abbr. Angstrom
  • abbr. annō (in the year)
  • abbr. annus (a year)
  • abbr. anode
  • abbr. answer
  • abbr. ante (before)
  • abbr. anterior
  • abbr. application
  • abbr. apprentice
  • abbr. April
  • abbr. approved
  • abbr. aqua
  • abbr. arctic
  • abbr. army
  • abbr. arterial
  • abbr. article
  • abbr. artificer
  • abbr. Artillery
  • abbr. Asian
  • abbr. asked
  • abbr. assault, as on a badge
  • abbr. associate; association
  • abbr. astragal
  • abbr. asymmetric
  • abbr. at
  • abbr. Atlantic
  • abbr. atomic; atomic weight
  • abbr. attack
  • abbr. August
  • abbr. Australian
  • abbr. author
  • abbr. automobile
  • abbr. auxiliary
  • abbr. avancé (fast)


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  • From the two long sides of the gallery large doors open into halls where the pictures are arranged in schools; the first of these being, as is shown on the plan, the +Scuola Toscana+, contained in three rooms, and consisting of 165 paintings, by M.  Albertinelli, A. and C.  Allori, B. Angelico, M.  A.

    The South of France—East Half

  • End (not the whole period which we call A.D., but the end of it).

    Commentary on Revelation

  • On 9 May, Kadyrov will open a new stadium which is named after his father – officially it is known as the A. A. Kadyrov Republican Football Club Terek Grozny.

    Chechnya's hardman Ramzan Kadyrov hires football big guns to take the offensive against Russian giant

  • She always used the name of A. M. Barnard and never acknowledged authorship after the stories were published, not even much later when anything she wrote was assured of an adoring audience.

    Louisa May Alcott

  • Popular French label A.P.C has been more than welcomed stateside for their preppy yet laid- back vibe.

    Save Big After The Holidays: LA Sales After Christmas

  • I loved how you called A. "little marathon bird" cute.

    All in Less Than 24 Hours

  • They've started what they call the A.B.C. approach to prevention of this deadly disease.

    Oh so pure...

  • I think on the Kerry said, there's a sense that a lot of hardcore Democrats are opposed to the president, the phrase A.B.B., that's not where they have to talk.

    CNN Transcript May 14, 2004

  • Then B is attributable to C, cloud, since fire is quenched in it; and A, noise, is attributable to B; and B is assuredly the definition of the major term A.

    Posterior Analytics

  • Either you call the A. G or I'm going to call him myself.

    Fat Tuesday


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