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  • The symbol for the isotope deuterium.
  • The symbol for the Roman numeral 500.
  • abbr. dative
  • abbr. day
  • abbr. Democrat
  • abbr. down

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  • n. The fourth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet.
  • n. cardinal number five hundred (500).
  • n. Deuterium, when it needs to be distinguished from ordinary hydrogen.
  • n. Hexadecimal symbol for thirteen.
  • n. A standard size of dry cell battery larger than C.
  • n. Vehicle-distinguishing sign for Germany. (clarification of this Translingual definition is being sought)
  • n. IUPAC one-letter abbreviation for aspartic acid.
  • n. The differential operator in calculus and analysis.
  • n. The fourth letter of the English alphabet, called dee and written in the Latin script.
  • n. The ordinal number fourth, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called dee and written in the Latin script.
  • n. The semicircle on the baulk line, inside which the cue ball must be placed at a break-off.
  • n. a grade awarded for a class, better than outright failure (which can be F or E depending on the institution) and worse than a C
  • abbr. Defense.
  • abbr. Democrat, especially preceding the constituent location.
  • abbr. Divorced.
  • abbr. Down (direction).
  • abbr. Drive, the setting of an automatic transmission.
  • abbr. Duodecimo, as adopted by the American Library Association.
  • abbr. Dutch language.
  • abbr. The City of Detroit.


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From Etruscan 𐌃 (D), from Greek Δ (D, "Delta"), from Phoenician 𐤃 (D, "dalet").

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A simplification of Ð under the graphic influence of the letter D, from a standardization of Ɔ superposed on a ⋌ or ⊢, from the practice of circling each hundredth ⋌ (now Roman numeral V), the tally stick notch mark representing five.

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Various abbreviations

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From the shape of the upper case letter "D"

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From the position (4) of the letter D in the English alphabet.


  • There has been much excitement lately about the discovery that most modern people suffer a deficit in Vitamin D-- but in reality this Vitamin D deficiency is just part of the larger Vitamin N deficiency.

    Linda Buzzell: Have You Taken Your Vitamin 'N' Today?

  • In our latest Congressional Report Card the average Democratic grade was an A - in the House and Senate while Republicans averaged a D in the House and a D+ in the Senate.

    Don Kraus: The House, the Senate, and the World

  • In addition, aging skin produces less vitamin D-- the average 70-year-old person creates only 25 percent of the vitamin D that a 20 year-old does.

    Vitamin D: Why You Are Probably NOT Getting Enough and How That Makes You Sick

  • The problem with that is other studies I've read indicate bodies don't process dietary vitamin D the same way as sunlight vitamin D--and it doesn't have the same health benefits.

    Vitamin D in babies

  • GUPTA: Well, it's hard to -- there's been a couple of studies talking, for example, about vitamin D and how using vitamin D-- just a normal dose is about 400 international units a day can actually reduce your pancreatic cancer significantly.

    CNN Transcript Mar 6, 2008

  • David, why did the administration get a D, almost an F-- a D-- as far as securing nuclear materials and weapons of mass destruction around the world?

    CNN Transcript Dec 5, 2005

  • My transcription is the standard followed by both Szczurowski 1954 and Patkanyi 1963, in which g is understood as a voiced obstruent of unknown/indeterminate value and many perhaps most scholars interpretet it as dental [d] or even interdental fricative [D]! RAT-ENGLISH DICTIONARY.

  • Disable advanced support for floppy writes either by adding the/D - parameter, or change the/D+ to/D -, to the ASTCACHE line in the AUTOEXEC. BAT file.

    AST Research Technical Bulletin #0607 ASTCACHE AND 3.5" FLOPPY DRIVES

  • The braces A a and C c, must support all of the weight of the bridge and its load within the parallelogram B a c D-- and the next set of braces, B b and D b, sustain that part of the load which comes over the centre of the bridge.

    Instructions on Modern American Bridge Building

  • Where the organism is in health, the momentary application to the patient of the negative pole of the double Faradaic current B D-- the best for diagnostic use -- in good medium strength, [D] will be directly felt, yet will cause no pain.

    A Newly Discovered System of Electrical Medication


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