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  • The symbol for the isotope deuterium.
  • The symbol for the Roman numeral 500.
  • abbr. dative
  • abbr. day
  • abbr. Democrat
  • abbr. down

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  • n. The fourth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet.
  • n. cardinal number five hundred (500).
  • n. Deuterium, when it needs to be distinguished from ordinary hydrogen.
  • n. Hexadecimal symbol for thirteen.
  • n. A standard size of dry cell battery larger than C.
  • n. Vehicle-distinguishing sign for Germany. (clarification of this Translingual definition is being sought)
  • n. IUPAC one-letter abbreviation for aspartic acid.
  • n. The differential operator in calculus and analysis.
  • n. The fourth letter of the English alphabet, called dee and written in the Latin script.
  • n. The ordinal number fourth, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called dee and written in the Latin script.
  • n. The semicircle on the baulk line, inside which the cue ball must be placed at a break-off.
  • n. a grade awarded for a class, better than outright failure (which can be F or E depending on the institution) and worse than a C
  • abbr. Defense.
  • abbr. Democrat, especially preceding the constituent location.
  • abbr. Divorced.
  • abbr. Down (direction).
  • abbr. Drive, the setting of an automatic transmission.
  • abbr. Duodecimo, as adopted by the American Library Association.
  • abbr. Dutch language.
  • abbr. The City of Detroit.


From Etruscan 𐌃 (D), from Greek Δ (D, "Delta"), from Phoenician 𐤃 (D, "dalet"). (Wiktionary)
A simplification of Ð under the graphic influence of the letter D, from a standardization of Ɔ superposed on a ⋌ or ⊢, from the practice of circling each hundredth ⋌ (now Roman numeral V), the tally stick notch mark representing five. (Wiktionary)
Various abbreviations (Wiktionary)
From the shape of the upper case letter "D" (Wiktionary)
From the position (4) of the letter D in the English alphabet. (Wiktionary)


  • There has been much excitement lately about the discovery that most modern people suffer a deficit in Vitamin D-- but in reality this Vitamin D deficiency is just part of the larger Vitamin N deficiency.

    Linda Buzzell: Have You Taken Your Vitamin 'N' Today?

  • In our latest Congressional Report Card the average Democratic grade was an A - in the House and Senate while Republicans averaged a D in the House and a D+ in the Senate.

    Don Kraus: The House, the Senate, and the World

  • In addition, aging skin produces less vitamin D-- the average 70-year-old person creates only 25 percent of the vitamin D that a 20 year-old does.

    Vitamin D: Why You Are Probably NOT Getting Enough and How That Makes You Sick

  • The problem with that is other studies I've read indicate bodies don't process dietary vitamin D the same way as sunlight vitamin D--and it doesn't have the same health benefits.

    Vitamin D in babies

  • GUPTA: Well, it's hard to -- there's been a couple of studies talking, for example, about vitamin D and how using vitamin D-- just a normal dose is about 400 international units a day can actually reduce your pancreatic cancer significantly.

    CNN Transcript Mar 6, 2008

  • David, why did the administration get a D, almost an F-- a D-- as far as securing nuclear materials and weapons of mass destruction around the world?

    CNN Transcript Dec 5, 2005

  • My transcription is the standard followed by both Szczurowski 1954 and Patkanyi 1963, in which g is understood as a voiced obstruent of unknown/indeterminate value and many perhaps most scholars interpretet it as dental [d] or even interdental fricative [D]! RAT-ENGLISH DICTIONARY.

  • Disable advanced support for floppy writes either by adding the/D - parameter, or change the/D+ to/D -, to the ASTCACHE line in the AUTOEXEC. BAT file.

    AST Research Technical Bulletin #0607 ASTCACHE AND 3.5" FLOPPY DRIVES

  • The braces A a and C c, must support all of the weight of the bridge and its load within the parallelogram B a c D-- and the next set of braces, B b and D b, sustain that part of the load which comes over the centre of the bridge.

    Instructions on Modern American Bridge Building

  • Where the organism is in health, the momentary application to the patient of the negative pole of the double Faradaic current B D-- the best for diagnostic use -- in good medium strength, [D] will be directly felt, yet will cause no pain.

    A Newly Discovered System of Electrical Medication


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