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  • n. A unit of radioactivity, equal to the amount of a radioactive isotope that decays at the rate of 3.7 × 1010 disintegrations per second.

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  • n. 3.7×1010 decays per second, as a unit of radioactivity. Symbol Ci.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

After Pierre Curie.

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Borrowing from French curie. Named after French physicist Pierre Curie (1859 - 1906).


  • The curie is a unit of radioactivity (3.7 x 1010 decays per second or 37 gigabecquerels) originally named in honor of Pierre Curie by the Radiology Congress in 1910.

    Curie, Pierre

  • The amount of emanation in equilibrium with one gramme of radium is called the curie, and with one

    The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 10 million curies of radiation escaped the damaged reactor core (a "curie" is a unit of radioactivity that denotes how many radioactive atoms in a particular collection of atoms are giving off radiation; 1 curie = 37 billion atoms giving off radiation).

    Daniel Kessler: Remembering the Three Mile Island Meltdown

  • (A curie is a measure of radioactivity, with 1 curie equal to the activity of one gram of radium.

    Facing South

  • According to fifty medical, public health and child welfare experts and advocates who asked the NJ Supreme court for permission to file an amicus curie friend of the court brief in the case, the lower court decisions are based on popular assumptions about drugs, pregnant women, and child welfare that lack any foundation in evidence-based, peer-reviewed research.

    Lynn M. Paltrow: Should Science Matter for Pregnant Women's Health Care and Rights?

  • The curie was named for Pierre Curie after he died; it is a measure of the radiation produced by one gram of radium-226.

    Yellow Dirt

  • A picocurie has the same relationship to a curie that a penny has to $10 billion.

    Yellow Dirt

  • In SI units, the activity of a radioactive source is measured in becquerels (symbol Bq), where one becquerel is equal to one nuclear disintegration per second (an older unit is the curie, where one curie is 37 billion Bq) 1 Bq = 1 disintegration per second (dps) 1 Ci = 3.7 x 1010 dps

    Radiation units

  • On a more general note, how can amicus curie briefs have “exhibits”?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Amicus Briefs — Why File Them?

  • The pastor called the bill "horrific" and sent a pointed letter to his state senator, and told me that he would be willing to write an amicus curie brief if there were a lawsuit.

    I wasn't expecting Connecticut


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