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  • n. Divergence or disagreement, as between facts or claims; difference.
  • n. An instance of divergence or disagreement. See Synonyms at difference.

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  • n. An inconsistency between facts or sentiments.
  • n. The state or quality of being discrepant.

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  • n. Difference; disagreement; variance or contrariety, especially of facts or sentiments.

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  • n. a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions
  • n. an event that departs from expectations


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From Latin discrepantia, from discrepans, from discrepō, from crepō. See also discrepant.


  • To acquiesce in discrepancy is destructive of candor and of moral cleanliness.

    Religion and Science

  • The reason for the discrepancy is the Tigers 'average of just 2.9 points per opponent's trip into the red zone allowed, which is a figure is nearly impossible to maintain and is mostly just random variance.

    Jeff Ma: Bringing Down the Bookie: Week 7

  • At 20 feet high, even going out to 40 yards, the discrepancy is about half a yard.

    Steep Shots Simplified

  • (I'm not sure if the discrepancy is a typographical error, but for the sake of my argument here, I'm assuming that he fell up to his elbow.)

    Labor Law

  • But do you not think that governments have a part to play in what you call the discrepancy between perceptions and reality?

  • If you think this "discrepancy" is the death-knell of global warming theory, you really don't understand what's going on, "Bart".


  • One reason behind the discrepancy is Czechs 'deeper wallets.

    Grocers Test Concepts in Czech Republic

  • The discrepancy translates into roughly six years of added life span.

    Live Longer With Vitamin C

  • "If you e-file and have a name discrepancy you will get an immediate rejection," and thus be aware of the need to fix it, Perlman said.

    The Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter Latest Headlines

  • The dropout rate — that is, the discrepancy between incoming freshmen and graduates — would have been 25.2 percent in the 2006-2007 school year.

    Education Spin


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  • No, I think that we've got a basic discrepancy here between the rule of law versus the rule of man.

    -Roy Moore

    July 30, 2009