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  • abbreviation lambert
  • abbreviation large
  • abbreviation left
  • abbreviation liter
  • abbreviation Sports loss
  • abbreviation low
  • The symbol for the Roman numeral 50.

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  • noun The twelfth letter of the English alphabet, called el and written in the Latin script.
  • noun The ordinal number twelfth, derived from this letter of the English alphabet, called el and written in the Latin script.
  • noun sports The statistic for the number of losses by a team or player limited by some criteria (e.g. this season, at home, on turf)
  • noun Alternative spelling of el (elevated train).
  • abbreviation US politics Libertarian.
  • noun The twelfth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet.
  • noun Symbol for liter or litre.
  • noun Symbol for the Roman numeral 50; Previous XLIX 49, Next LI 51
  • noun biochemistry IUPAC 1-letter abbreviation for leucine


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  • L'« — » + L''* — » + L*'* — 3 («_ i) + K X N''* muft be taken

    Mathematical memoirs respecting a variety of subjects; 1780

  • Given two languages L and L², we can compare them by asking whether every class Mod (S), with S a sentence of L, is also a class of the form Mod (S²) where S² is a sentence of L².

    Model Theory Hodges, Wilfrid 2009

  • If the answer is Yes, we say that L is reducible to L², or that L² is at least as expressive as L.

    Model Theory Hodges, Wilfrid 2009

  • But the first-order language L is certainly not reducible to the language L² of syllogisms, since in L we can write down a sentence saying that exactly three elements satisfy

    Model Theory Hodges, Wilfrid 2009

  • A language L is open if it can be extended to a new language L² without changes in the meanings of other expressions; otherwise

    Lvov-Warsaw School Wole&324;ski, Jan 2009

  • Recall that a translation from a logic L into a logic L² is a mapping f between the respective sets of formulas which preserves derivability, that is:

    Combining Logics Carnielli, Walter 2007

  • Then for every predicate E (x) of expressions of L defined in L+ one can prove in L+ a general sentence of the form

    Alfred Tarski Gómez-Torrente, Mario 2006

  • We could repeat the recursion clauses for L to produce a full theory of truth for L².

    Truth Glanzberg, Michael 2006

  • He still did not look at Melody until she reached out and took him hand in hers. 1 __ a l l - L _ L-- L

    A different flesh Turtledove, Harry 1988

  • In S and S′ are lamps L, L′ and experimenters E, E′ as indicated.



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