from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The act of abdicating; the renunciation of a high office, dignity, or trust, by its holder; commonly the voluntary renunciation of sovereign power.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act of abdicating; the giving up of an office, power or authority, right or trust, etc.; renunciation; especially, the laying down of a sovereignty hitherto inherent in the person or in the blood.

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  • n. the act of abdicating
  • n. a formal resignation and renunciation of powers


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  • Probably a primary false note in this tragedy was his abdication from a prestigious New York law organisation given a white cabinet partial of insulted him.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • God's apparent abdication from the affairs of the world seemed unforgivable.


  • It called for freedom from Spain, a provisional Government and the ultimate formation of an independent "Empire of Mexico" with either King Ferdinand VII, who was considering abdication from the Spanish Throne, or some other member of the Spanish Royal family, heading a Constitutional Monarchy.

    Agustin Iturbide, unappreciated unknown

  • Somers vindicated the use of the word abdication by quotations from Grotius and Brissonius, Spigelius and Bartolus.

    The History of England, from the Accession of James II — Volume 2

  • The word abdication conciliated politicians of a more timid school.

    The History of England, from the Accession of James II — Volume 2

  • They hinted at the means of preserving it, but durst not pronounce the word abdication: so difficult it is to overcome the respect, that a great man inspires.

    Memoirs of the Private Life, Return, and Reign of Napoleon in 1815, Vol. II

  • What else but a commitment to the long-term abdication of critical thinking could explain why millions of whites take so quickly to Rush Limbaugh: a guy whose motto for years was that he would "tell you what to think" and whose fans call themselves "ditto" heads (as in, "same as above," which is nearly the perfect metaphor for people who follow someone else like sheep).

    Clipmarks | Live Clips

  • Hence, the history of Iran's unsuccessful attempts to obtain their "inalienable" rights under the IAEA Statute and NPT - now having been verified by Director-General ElBaradei - constitutes an indictment of the IAEA's long-term abdication of its primary mission. Original

  • "The judge's 'conclusion,' which can be fairly characterized as an abdication of his adjudicatory responsibilities, provided the Secretary with little, if any, guidance to accord proper resolution of this case," she said in her decision.

    State Ruling Trips Up Carl Lewis Candidacy

  • That the Wally half of the movie is set in 1998 allows people to smoke in public places, but also coincides with the record-breaking Sotheby's auction of the couple's estate, an event at which the so-called "abdication desk"—the one at which Edward sat while making his famous speech about "the woman I love"—brought in $415,000.

    'W.E.,' About Royals, Is a Messy Windsor Knot


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