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  • n. The act, or the result, of diversifying
  • n. A corporate strategy in which a company acquires or establishes a business other than that of its current product

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  • n. The act of making various, or of changing form or quality.
  • n. State of diversity or variation; variegation; modification; change; alternation.

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  • n. The act of changing forms or qualities, or of making various: as, diversification of labor.
  • n. Diversity or variation; change; alteration: as, “diversification of voice,”

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  • n. the act of introducing variety (especially in investments or in the variety of goods and services offered)
  • n. the condition of being varied


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From Medieval Latin diversificatio, from diversificātus, past participle of diversificō ("diversify"), from Latin diversus ("turned in different ways") + facio ("make, do")


  • Portfolio diversification is often simplified as spreading one

    Irene Aldridge: How to Invest in Exchange-Traded Funds

  • Portfolio diversification is often simplified as spreading one's nest eggs among several baskets.

    Irene Aldridge: How to Invest in Exchange-Traded Funds

  • Based on Facebook's latest valuations, co-founder Mark Zuckerberg would have given up nearly $1 billion in future value for every percentage point of equity he might have sold in the name of diversification.

    The Truth About Wealth

  • The key to energy diversification is not biofuels, which Reynolds derides as "pork marinated in ethanol."

    Energy Diversification, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • On the contrary, the evolutionary explanation for biological diversification is genetic divergence following allopatry in divergent ecosystems.

    Against Darwinism

  • That kind of brand diversification is one reason she's fully embraced the social Web, where she has 828,000 followers on Twitter and a Facebook page that features her must-haves (shoes, handbags, jewelry) and must-gives.

    Ivanka Trump And The Art Of Being Underestimated

  • UBS's Mr. Fisher, who has a buy recommendation on McDermott, says the new reactor business is "important for long-term diversification and growth," though he says it will cost money, without producing revenues, for the next few years.

    So, You Want to Invest in Nukes

  • The critique that spandex books are killing the market and diversification is necessary is not new, but it seems like the market is finally! moving in that direction.

    Comics Rx: Francene Lewis’s entry

  • As Mr. Simons puts it, The longer your time frame as an investor, the greater your risk tolerance has to be now, because over the short term diversification is going to keep looking as if it ' s disappeared.

    Why Your Stock Portfolio Is Acting Like a Commodity Basket

  • Some, including Italy and Germany, enjoy friendly ties with Russia and may not want to rock the boat too much, especially with projects like the Nord Stream gas pipeline -- set to bring Russian gas to Europe without passing through Ukraine -- important to longer-term diversification plans.

    Bulgaria Bills Gazprom


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