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  • n. the process of establishing a practice as a norm
  • n. the process of committing a person to a facility where their freedom to leave will be restrained, usually a mental hospital


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Derived from institution.


  • I use the term institutionalization, but what I really want to focus on are what institutionalizes a game.

    Go Pats!

  • But de-institutionalization is not among the major sources of mass incarceration.

    Matthew Yglesias » Prisons and Mental Institutions Revisited

  • I pointed to the provocative chart below a few days ago and was intrigued by the thesis that the prison boom has basically been the flipside of the 60s-era decline in institutionalization of the mentally ill:

    Matthew Yglesias » Prisons and Mental Institutions Revisited

  • As such, local militias are best integrated within a longer-term institutionalization plan for such forces.

    Sen. Dick Lugar: Cause for Concern in Afghanistan

  • Doctors resorted more often to long-term institutionalization and such things as seizure-inducing shock treatments, often performed without anesthesia.

    Into the Story

  • You know, intellectually, that bringing her home so quickly after her initial institutionalization, is a gamble, and you assume that the "powers that be" in charge of the institution will only allow that to happen if it is in her best interests.

    Archive 2005-07-31

  • Many eventually require long-term institutionalization or placement in a structured community setting, such as a halfway house or hostel.

    The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry

  • The new ward at Sacred Heart is meant to help bridge the gap between long-term institutionalization and those community programs.

    Columnist: Stephen Miller

  • About the same number are reported to sustain a brain injury resulting in a loss of consciousness but not severe enough to result in long-term institutionalization (an annual rate of 618 per 100,000 person-years).

    The Journal-Standard Homepage RSS

  • Consider our schools and what we impose on children from the first moment of "institutionalization" - rules, constraints, expectations, examinations.



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